Step by Step Process for Creating Simulated Thermostat from Multisensor?

Hi, i’ve spent several hours trying to figure out how to create a virtual thermostat device from my smart things motion sensor and am stuck.

My end goal is to ask my Google home “What temperature is it in my bedroom?”. I’ve read that Google home doesn’t recognize the temperature function of my multisensor and that I need to create a virtual device in order to do so.

I’ve read bits and pieces about “setting the device handles to thermostat” etc… but I’m a bit lost. Can someone help with spelling it out step by step?

I do have an account all set up with the website and I have created a couple simulated switches in the past and they’ve worked just fine. I just don’t really understand how to go about creating a virtual thermostat device so that google home will recognize it as a thermostat.

Much appreciated.

Create the virtual thermostat the same way you created the virtual switch, when you get to the Type field, select Simulated Thermostat from the drop down list.


With the latest update of Google Home I have been able to do this without the simulated thermostat as long as the sensor is in the room. I just asked Google “what’e the temperature in the bedroom” and it responded “the master bedroom sensor is currently 74 degrees.” I have an aeotec 5 in the bedroom and a aeotec 4 in the dining room and they both work with google home to tell me the temp. The sensors in the other rooms are not currently using a DTH that supports temperature.

UPDATE: I just switched 3 of my GoControl Motion Sensors to a custom DTH that pulls the temp parameter and was able to add them to the appropriate rooms and ask Google Home the temperature in those rooms.

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Thank you for that. I added the simulated thermostat and google home recognizes it as a separate device now. But how does this new simulated device know that its temperature should be taken from the temperature of the smartthings motion sensor? Right now the simulated thermostat’s temperature is at 72 (which i assume is a default value when you add it). How do I get it to get updated from the motion sensor?

Do you know WebCore?

No, I do not know WebCore

Do you think you could learn WebCode?

Anyone know how to make the simulated thermostat read and automatically update its temperature from the smartthings motionsensor?

If you can install webcore, this will update the simulated thermostat with temp from the source device (ignore my source device name).

Install instructions/video in this link:

Appreciate that. But seems too complicated for me! Guess I’ll just wait until google adds the functionality instead of hacking around it.