Monoprice Door sensor stuck at open

(Indy Quad) #1

Hello All, I am using Hub V2 and monoprice door sensor for almost 7 months now. Suddenly one sensor stuck at open position, I did the usual things,

  1. Set door sensor to exclude in the app
  2. In the sensor pressed the button for a minute until the app said excluded and removed the sensor from the things
  3. removed and put the battery back on
  4. Blinking red light
  5. Added the thing through app things -> aeon sensor -> it detected and added the monoprice sensor and the sensor is bright red “no blinking red”
  6. Status ays, It is in open position at this time since I look the sensor from the door,
  7. Put it back in the door near the magnetic breaker, no more red led

At this time I was expecting the status to turn closed…but this is where it is not behaving as it should…

Can someone help me what I doing wrong here…why the status is not changing

(Brian Diehl) #2

Try a Z-Wave Repair?

(Indy Quad) #3

@diehllane did that no change

(Brian Diehl) #4

Here is the big list of everything to go through.