Door open sensor --> Chime/Speaker in office setting?

Hey everyone, I tried a few searches but I’m struggling to find something for my specific scenario.

In my office, we have a wired door chime that goes off any time someone comes in the front door to the business. The problem is that some of the offices that aren’t near the door chime speaker can’t hear it.

My thought is to install a SmartThings hub, get a locally executing open/close sensor to put on the door (to reduce latency), and link it to a local speaker/chime/etc that I could plug in (or can be battery powered if necessary).

My goal is to have the latency as close to 0 as possible, so that if someone needs to greet the person coming in the door, they know immediately when the door opens, as it takes a good 15+ seconds to walk to the front of the building. The ideal situation would be: Front door opens, chime/speaker goes off in less than a second (2 seconds at most)

Is there a local executing option that would work for my situation? If only a cloud based solution exists, that’s fine too, just thought I’d mention local in case that’s an option. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!

While there are some smartthings options, to be honest the easiest thing for the situation you describe is just an inexpensive baby monitor.

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Seems like a dumb solution would be better. Like a door bell chime with remote receivers…

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Thanks for the quick responses! :slight_smile:

We have a current ‘dumb’ solution, but the wireless range doesn’t reach these further offices :frowning:

Take a look at what I discussed in Somethings that beeps (UK) . I’m using these as annunciators. The lag is about 3 seconds.


The simplest way to do this in ST would be to get a:

  1. Door sensor (like a Monoprice or EcoLink door/window sensor) - these are Z-Wave devices
  2. Buy a bunch of devices that act like Chimes

Install the chimes next to the office you want, the ZooZ chime is loud, the keypads are relative softer, your choice.

Once this is done you have a couple of options, you can use CoRE or WebCoRE to create a simple rule, when the door opens, “chime” the chime devices.
If you have access to RBoy Apps you can use this app (if you have access it’s an easy setup):

The key thing to note for whichever device/solution you decide to do with you need to create a strong mesh. If you’re using Z-Wave device then add a Z-Wave repeater device (any mains powered device like a Monoproce/ZooZ plug/socket) every 30ft or so (2-3 should be good). If you’re using ZigBee devices then add a ZigBee repeater (any mains powered device like a Peanut or Iris or Samsung socket/plug) every 40ft or so (2-3 should be enough).

After installing reboot your hub and do a Z-Wave repair. Creating a strong mesh will go a very long way in determining the “response” time of your setup. 1-2 second is very doable with a low latency internet connection and a good mesh.

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Thank you for the detailed write up! I am an RBoy customer, so I will definitely pursue this route. Thank you again!

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One quick follow-up question. It looks like the ZooZ Smart Chime is discontinued :frowning:

Do you know if the ZooZ ZSE01 Indoor Siren would do the same job?

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I think it should, there is a community DTH available, you can check out the capabilities if it supports Tone.