Door Locks Fully Supported by ST's

Sorry for the delay, @Aaron_Solet.

It is pretty easy to setup. Personally, I use Kwikset 912s (two of my three first floor entry doors have them). But, there are plenty of other options, including deadbolt only options. Check the Compatible Products list -

To control them, I use @ethayer’s awesome User Lock Manager

There are a few others in the community here, but that is the one I settled on and use. Erik is quick to update and has done a great job with the app.

In addition, I also use @obycode’s SmartRules (iOS only at this point) to control my locks outside of Routines when needed. It’s a great app that is very easy to use.

There is an alternative to this - @bravenel’s Rule Machine

I personally don’t use that one, but Bruce is a great programmer and the app has a large following here. There are some issues with how Android renders the pages (I think they still exist), so you would have to configure them from a Mac/PC. Check that thread for more info.

In the end, the locks were the biggest selling point to the smart home install with the Mrs and the first thing I did. One of our doors unlocks automatically when we arrive, allowing someone to walk in the door with their hands full and not fumble for keys. I can also monitor them to ensure they are locked when we are gone. If a guest arrives and lets them selves in via a code, I have @ethayer’s app run a routine to turn lights on, etc that would normally occur when I arrive home and my presence runs a full routine.

One suggestion I would make, though. If you only use one smart lock, make sure you have a key for it if the battery dies and you didn’t replace them. Or, in my case, I have two doors with smart locks. They both have rechargeable batteries. I charge them on “alternating schedules” so that one always has more of a charge than another. I just have my iPhone remind me when I need to charge them, every month for each lock, but offset by two weeks between them.

Hope that helps!