Door locked Manually vs Keypad vs Automation as triggers in new app, please

As I transition from the old Classic app to the new SmartThings app, I’m moving as many devices and automations as possible from custom DTH and smartapps to native and built-in ones. I’ve found that the improved speed and reliability (especially during internet outages) is remarkable.

I’ve used the RBoy enhanced lock DTH and LUM smart app with my Schlage Connect smart locks for the last few years. I’ve really liked all their features and things I could do with this combination, but after using the native handler and Smart Lock Guest Access smartapp, I can’t go back to the delays that I experienced with cloud-based handler and automations, at least not for door locks, lights, and security.

However, one thing that I really miss from the RBoy DTH and app is the ability to create an automation for when one of the smart locks is locked/unlocked manually, rather than with the keypad. The new Smart Things app only has the “locked” and “unlocked” actions/states as a triggers for built-in Automations. I would like Samsung to expand that to include manual vs keypad vs automation locking actions. Both the SmartThings app and the Smart Lock Guest Access app recognize the difference, because it says “manually locked” in the recents/history tab, and it also says it in the events tab in IDE site. So, the groundwork is there, they just need to enable it.

By the way, the reason I want this is because I have a Smart Lighting automation to turn on the back patio light as soon as the back door is opened. It saves me the step of turning on the light switch. I do not have it set to turn off the light when the door is closed, because I may still be working outside and need the light on. I would like to create an automation to turn off the light only when the back door is locked manually (or by keypad), but not if it’s locked by an automation. You see, for security purposes an automation to lock the door if it’s left unlocked for 2 minutes, in case the kids forget to lock it. If I lock it manually or with the keypad, then it means I’m done working outside or no longer need the light. I do not want ST to turn off the back patio light when the door is locked by automation and I’m still outside in the dark.

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It’s not possible without the rboy app

If you’re using the Enhanced Z-Wave lock device handler then you can set custom actions for Keypad and Manual unlocks (and locks) using LUM, RLA, LM API or any of our other lock and user management apps. You can have it turn on / off switches, changes modes and more when it unlocked via a keypad or manually (for each user individually or for all users)

If you want it to trigger an automation, an easy way to do it would be to configure LUM, RLA or any of the other lock management apps to turn on a virtual switch when opened manually or via a keypad, and then have an automation monitor that switch and run a scene if it’s triggered (and also reset the virtual switch to off).

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Correct, it’s not possible right now with the native device handler and native automation, which is why I tagged this as a wishlist item. It should be possible, since SmartThings already identifies manual vs keypad interactions both in the History tab and the IDE’s Events page.

As good as RBoy’s Custom Device Handlers and Smart Apps are, they still suffer from the same problem that all cloud-based DTH, Smart Apps, and even the native (cloud-based) automations have, which is delay and internet-reliance. When I was using the RBoy DTH and Smart Apps, there would often be a delay of several seconds before it would do its thing.

I would be okay with using just the RBoy app for turning off the outside light when the door is manually locked. I might not mind a 10 second delay for that one action. However, I couldn’t just use the Smart App to get this functionality. I’d also have to use the custom DTH, which means introducing delay and internet-reliance to everything that involves the lock.