Danalock smart lock


I am writing here to share experience with Danalock. It works great, I have tried it to use with Bluetooth, ZWave servers and Apple iOS. The main feature, that you do not need the keys and you can use it on the current doors. Now I am waiting for the Danabridge - the newest device from Danalock team. It helps to control the Locks from anywhere.


Hey, have you received your Danabridge yet? I have the Danalock v3 Bluetooth edition, and the danabridge. I can now open and close my lock from anywhere, but I would like to be able to control the lock via other means than the Danalock app. So I’m looking into getting a Smartthings hub for the integration with IFTTT or Google Assistant. Do you know if the Smartthings hub can control the Danabridge somehow? As I understand it, the Smartthings hub can not control the Bluetooth version of the Danalock directly, but maybe it can with help from the Danabridge?