Door lock responds but doesn't report status

I’ve already read a few articles that suggest it’s an incomplete pairing and the solution is to remove and re-add. Ummmm, no thanks, I have several smartapps and routines that would be obliterated by that move. Then I read about replace, but it sounds like that is for replacing with a physically different sensor only. So, that leaves me unsure how to “re-pair” my Kwikset 916 lock that responds to lock and unlock commands just fine, but it’s not reporting status… I could just replace the batteries, but I’d love a more definitive answer… HELP!

If it is z-wave try running z-wave repair. Otherwise, you may need to add a repeater between the hub and the lock.

Again, if z-wave…

A little bit more information on my issue…
I just replaced my batteries in the lock. It responds well to smartthings lock and unlock commands, but doesn’t report when the lock is manually locked or unlocked. I sit on the device page in the app and it doesn’t change when I manually lock or unlock. I’ve watched and it’s totally unresponsive to the manual change. So then I went into IDE to see if the device was communicating with the hub during these manual operations. Strangely, saw them almost instantaneously. The lock reported “v1AlarmType” as either 21 or 22 which I’m assuming is lock status. Yet this communicated status is NOT reflected in the smartthings app, any idea why our how to fix? This causes me trouble every night because I have an automaton that sends a text message to my phone if the door isn’t locked at 10pm. I get this every night because smartthings never seems to accurately know the lock status. This lock used to work great, but isn’t anymore. If this is just a need for a repeater, I’ll try that today… but looking for other options

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Try to kill your ST mobile app and restart it and see if the status updates. Are you using any custom DTH’s?
There are only 2 DTH’s that comply with the latest ST standard currently for remote programming, the stock Z-Wave Lock DTH and the Enhanced Z-Wave Lock DTH which fixes a few bugs in the stock DTH and adds some features. If you’re using any other DTH I would recommend uninstalling it and switching to the stock or enhanced dth.

This is a very good and recommended practice not for the repeater per se but for for the FLiRS device to buffer the messages. I don’t think you need to exclude and re-pair your device at this time based on what you’ve mentioned so far.

Feel free to PM me your IDE logs and I can check it out.

In IDE my door lock DTH says “Z-Wave Lock Reporting”

Interesting. After adding a repeater, and performing a network repair, the front door lock now says unavailable… Will removing the batteries and replacing them do anything meaningful to me problem?

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Is this DTH free or pay-only?