Door left unlocked notification (2020)

Hi. I just switched over from Wink and one of the Robots I had on there was that if the Front Door was left unlocked, I received a simple notification as to this status. It didn’t lock the door or anything (because often times the door is actually open and I wanted it open. I just wanted to know if my kids ever left it unlocked). It simply Just notified me. Is there a way that I can do this on SmartThings? I have the Schlage SmartConnect Camelot lock. Thanks, and I apologize if this is a dumb question. I’m learning a whole new platform after jumping ship from Wink

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I echo this. I was gonna ask exact the same question LOL. It appears SmartApp can do tons of things but unfortunately I just switched from Wink to ST too hence I’m not familiar with how to make it work.

I noticed there are more complicated SmartApps out there which locks/unlocks the door based on both the deadbolt’s state and a separate door contact sensor’s state. However I don’t have a separate door contact sensor and I only want to achieve the same thing, as you do Zak, to get the notification for example the Schlage lock has been unlocked for 5 min. That’s it.

I would really appreciate if someone can shed some light on this and share a code to help.

You could try to use the built in Automations tool (+) in the new ST app to create custom rule to notify you when it’s been unlocked.

Alternatively you could use try this app and it’ll notify when you lock has been left unlocked with a repeat notification option every X minutes and announce it over alexa/bose/sonos, set notification schedules (upto 3), custom notifications etc:

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Great. Thank you. The automations tab in the new app does. It does not yet have that functionality. It will alert me when it’s even unlocked, just not when it remains unlocked for X minutes. I will look into the app you suggested. Just looks like there is a fee to join, but $39.99 may be well worth it. Thanks again!

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I ended up having to put together my own app to do this until ST can do it within there own app. The one I use the most that replicates being notified for something being left open, on, or unlocked too long is a parent/child smartapp: (you’ll want all of these)

Parent: (Save and Publish)

Left it On Child: (just Save)

Left it Open Child: (just Save)

Left it Unlocked Child: (just Save)

Left it Running Child: (just Save)

Thermostat Mode Monitor Child (this one is designed to work with my thermo DTH, so I can’t ensure this child app will work for you): (just Save)


Will this work with the new V3 app?

Yup, it does. I manage all my SmartApps and Automations with the new app, but use Classic for when I want to control a device and/or get their current status since it’s a lot faster.

Some screen shots:

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I’m going to have to figure out how to do all the publishing and saving you noted below. Is there a Cliffs Notes on how to do this custom apps? Yes. I will search the forum, but figured I’d ask. Thanks for the links!


This probably should be updated to reflect how you get to your SmartApp in the new app. For now, here’s how in the new app:

Tap on the large “+” next to the three vertical dots and then tap on SmartApp and scroll down until you see My SmartApps.
You can also tap on the three horizontal bars on the left side of the mobile app and then tap on SmartApps. Then tap on “+” and scroll down until you see My SmartApps.

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Step by step SmartApp installation instructions.

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Thank you all! Tremendous help.


This is fantastic! Thank you!!

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Tried this custom app out, but apparently my Meross garage door opener is not supported. The “Left it open” child SmartApp says that I have no compatible devices. It has the possible statuses: Open, Closed, Opening, Closing, and I think Unknown.

Anything I can do to get it working, or do I need to turn to one of the more complex solutions (SharpTools, etc)?


Thanks for the quick response. I actually came from that post originally. This app seems to be the easiest solution.

I believe I found the two problems I am facing:
First, the Meross integration creates a device with some random “type” set. I don’t remember what it was, but I just now changed it to “Garage Door Set” to see if that worked. It did not. It seems like this custom SmartApp is looking specifically for a certain type of device, but I’m not sure what to set the device type to that will allow this SmartApp to leverage my garage door opener. I also tried setting the device type to “Contact Sensor Capability” and this did not work either.

Second, I signed up for SharpTools and connected my SmartThings Hub, but the garage door did not show up in the list of devices to authorize SharpTools to control/view. It seems that for some reason, the garage door is not “shareable” with other service (makes sense, now that I think about it, since it does not show up in Google or Alexa either).

Any recommendations on overcoming one or both of these problems?


It should have a device type of “placeholder” since that’s what all the cloud to cloud integrations have on the new platform. You should not change this to any other DTH: they won’t work and they may break the integration. “Placeholder” essentially means “the device manufacturer’s cloud is handling the commands for this device.”

It sounds like you may have to contact Meross support and ask them if there’s a way to have the device identified as a garage door to SmartThings.

I was hoping at a minimum that it would identify itself as a sensor, but it appears that it does not. :disappointed_relieved:

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Woops! I changed it back to placeholder. It seems these problems stem from Meross not identifying itself correctly, as you suggested on the other thread.

On a side note, I was able to connect it to SharpTools by going into the SmartThings app and adding it as a “refreshable device” (it doesn’t show up in any of the other categories of devices). SharpTools appears to be able to see all of the device attributes and their current status, so I set up a test rule to send me an email if the door is left open for 5 minutes. I’m not sure how frequently it’s polling for status updates, or if the connection is working at all, but we’ll see.

Update: SharpTools working! If Meross fixes their device integration someday, I may look into switching to a more integrated solution like this SmartApp.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t. :frowning:

You can use a Virtual Switch with the Meross Garage Door openers along with IFTTT (or perhaps even the built-in SmartThings Automations) and then use that virtual switch in SharpTools or other SmartApps:

Historically, people also used the IFTTT approach with Virtual Switches because the Meross integration with SmartThings was really flaky. I understand Meross has made some updates to their SmartThings integration, but I haven’t personally tested it so I don’t know if it’s gotten much better. :thinking: :man_shrugging:


Good tip! I’m just now moving away from IFTTT because of their new billing model, but I was finally able to force the device into SharpTools, and it looks like that integration is actually working!

Thanks for the additional info.

I can totally understand that. Hopefully the Meross integration with SmartThings really has improved. Historically it would work well for the first few days after connecting it to SmartThings and then would all of a sudden stop reporting status updates to SmartThings. :open_mouth:

I also sent you a PM to see if we can gather a few more details about what details the device is reporting now. :slight_smile:

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