Door just unlocked randomly!

Hi. First post.

I have a Conexis L1 with a zwave module. 3 other people have shared access. All are here. Door just beeped to say it has unlocked. found the following:

Under location events:
“source: Location API”

Open Front Door was executed

Name Value
archivable true
date 2018-08-23 9:17:53.015 PM BST (2018-08-23T20:17:53.015Z)
description Open Front Door was executed
displayed true
eventSource LOCATION
id 9d4cf870-a711-11e8-93e1-0294c4730246
isStateChange true
isVirtualHub false
linkText Open Front Door
locationId 75096b59-b9dd-4734-a703-2c45f49f3e12
name routineExecuted
smartAppVersionId 3a2aab2b-6665-40a9-9ae7-52baa3ae54a2
translatable true
type API
unixTime 1535055473015
value c61577c8-10f0-4739-8023-0fdd232f0bd7
viewed false

and then a second entry named device:


Name Value
archivable true
data { “lockName”: “Front Door Lock” }
date 2018-08-23 9:18:05.806 PM BST (2018-08-23T20:18:05.806Z)
description Unlocked
deviceId 3ae35b7d-5cb1-49c6-b221-681a97696865
deviceTypeId 8a2a823b3c988884013c98891a8a0003
displayed true
eventSource DEVICE
hubId 3e2bb915-dfdf-45ab-ba57-9f0d8fd5eba3
id a4ecbb1a-a711-11e8-853a-9dbeecc505d5
isStateChange true
isVirtualHub false
linkText Front Door Lock
locationId 75096b59-b9dd-4734-a703-2c45f49f3e12
name lock
translatable false
unixTime 1535055485806
value unlocked
viewed false

I cant find any reason why this would be happening. Thanks in advance for all advice.

You have a Routine called Open Front Door. Go to that routine and figure out what setting you have messed up. :grin:

You can also check on the device tab in the SmartThings App and under Recent Events. Finally you can see all of the apps associated with the Lock by going to the SmartApps tab.


I only have one entry under smart apps and that’s my nest controller.

I’ve had a look at recent events under the device tab, it shows the same info as the second entry in my original post. I cant find where routines would be.

You definitely have a Routine Called “Open Front Door”…

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Ok - just had a look on the app. I have made a shortcut to opening the front door in the lock screen of my iPhone, that’s the routine that’s triggering the unlock. Theres no automation in the routine so someone must have pressed it. Is there any way of finding out which user it was? I’m currently sharing my hub with 3 users.

Not that I know of…

Next time it happens, you might want to look around and see which family member is hiding behind the couch or doorway Trolling you. :rofl::rofl:

Who said SmartThings cant be fun?!

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In the “lock screen of your iPhone”? ie, usable when the phone is still locked? Or do you mean on the home screen?

Regardless, an alternative option is our web-app ActionTiles which allows secure sharing of Panels with other users. You can give each user a unique Panel with a unique Routine or Virtual Switch or PIN to identify the person executing the unlock operation.

(or, in the case of a rare occurrence, we can identify which Panel executed the Command - but that’s also only helpful if you Share a distinct Panel to each user. Which isn’t very hard. ActionTiles allows unlimited Panels and Users per 1 Hub License).

In our experience when a lock unlocks after a lock command there could be couple of reasons:

  1. Some app sent the unlock command (which doesn’t appear to be the case here)
  2. The lock got jammed/didn’t lock complete and it unlocked it self (this is quite common if the door wasn’t’ closed properly or the bolt isn’t “butter” smooth and is scraping the jamb or something is blocking it.

Unless it is a two step process with some sort of confirmation I would NOT put a door unlock shortcut on a homescreen or even worse a lockscreen of a phone. It is way too easy to unknowingly trigger it. If on the lockscreen (assuming it is possible)… you are giving any person with your phone access to your house… but not your phone (meaning access to your house is not protected by the phone’s lock), not sure that makes sense…

Convenience Vs Security… I’d lean a bit more to the right.