Door Code Usage Log

I am planning to pair a Yale Touchscreen Lever YRL220 with a ST hub for door access audit logging.

I want to be able to see when each user code is used for access to an office.

While I know I can see this info in at least the website for the ST hub (and also the app), what I really want to be able to do is export the lock usage info out on a regular basis.

Does anyone who is using a connected keypad lock know of (or can figure out) a way to do this export? I believe the web based log shows as an HTML table, but has no “export to csv” or similar feature…


There are some logging apps out there but I have not really tried them. One really recent one is this…

You can also get creative and use CoRE with IFTTT maker and have it log events to Google Sheets.

Do you actually see the user codes in the ST app? Granted, I have a Schlage Connect rather than a Yale lock, but all that shows up in the log for me is generic “Locked” or “Unlocked” (with a “Manually” qualifier if the bolt is manually actuated), but no info on which code was used via the touch pad.

You can have ST send an SMS with each unlock showing who unlocked it . It shouldn’t be too hard to have that info added to a spreadsheet in Google doc or similar.

Thanks Eiber, that looks promising, especially if I can use it to automatically generate a CSV on a recurring basis.

Are there any predefined actions using CoRE and IFTTT maker (sorry, I am totally new to this stuff!) that would be able to generate this output? Maybe a write up on how to begin learning to set this up?

It comes out as Code 1, 2, 3, etc.

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Let me see if I can find the test piston I was playing with not too long ago. There is also a CoRE peer assistance thread where you can post questions (and hopefully get answers :smiley: )

Ok, found them, you can probably build what you need using the two examples below:

This is the example for getting which code was used:

● Front Door Lock lock #1, #2, #3, #4, or #5 changes to unlocked
Using location...
► Send Push notification '{$currentEventDevice}: unlocked with code #{$currentEventDeviceIndex}'

And this one is for the Google Sheets logging via IFTTT maker.

● Bloom temperature changes
Using location...
► Send IFTTT Maker event 'SheetUpdate' with parameters '{$now}', '{$currentEventDevice}', and '{$currentEventValue}'

I have seen a screen capture of the output and it only shows the code number. However, I only have a few codes and a legend is fine for translating it later, if needed.

Thanks Eibyer, this looks promising and you have set me on the right path!