Running a VM (or two) on a NAS?

I’m thinking of installing a vm on a Synology NAS (DS918+ to be precise) but I’m not exactly sure how it works… can I have the VM run 24/7 and have it interact with other machines in the network?

If you’ve seen my other posts, I’m sure you’ll have seen me trying to figure out how to get Domoticz and a Python script that uses bluetooth as a presence detector working on a NAS… this is what I’m looking to do… Basically need a command prompt and bluetooth installed… no need for fancy GUIs…

I am currently running it off of a Raspberry Pi… but it’s flaky… plus I can’t get the Python script to work when the session is logged out…

Ideas? Thoughts?

Yes, you can install a fully functional VM on a Synology NAS. why do you want to use bluetooth? Your phone already has location built into it that is easier.

Hey @jayelarex!

Long story short, I live in an apartment building with a swimming pool and a garden area (nothing too fancy, sounds more than it is really). I’ve gone thru several location methods (App’s built-in, life 360, IFTTT based) and the only one that has been effective is bluetooth based… You see, I don’t want the alarm to shut down or the door to open while I’m down at the pool or heck, in a restaurant that’s right next door to my main door!

So yeah, bluetooth, with its 10m range is the best option…

I saw that I can use VMs but what worries me is the 24/7 availability of the Python script… if I close the window of the VM… will the script keep on running?

Basically I need the VM to work as if I only turned off the screen of my computer… although with a lower electric bill… :slight_smile: