Dome Water Shut Off Valve

My bad - I did a quick search and found the non z wave system that runs it’s own hub/app. I’m still very impressed with the quality of the Dome unit. It’s a robust piece of equipment. Time will tell if it holds up.

Attached are some images of the device.

Leaksmart does have its own hub and sensors, but they also work with ST hub as well.

I just installed one of the Dome water valve controls tonight. I had to add a new ball valve, but the whole install took less than an hour. The motor cycles smoothly and seems to have plenty of torque for the job. The mounting bracket is rather substantial and fits quite securely. Overall I’m very happy with the result and for $100 it’s a great deal.

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Hope my post helped. I’ve been very happy with mine.

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616fun Great Post! I’m a part of Dome Home Automation support and development team and I’m really glad you like our Water Main Shut-Off. We just released official Device Handler and DH Installation Guide. for this device. I will follow this topic and try to answer any questions related to the product. Thanks again for your support!


I just installed the device handler and remove/reapplied both valves without a hitch. Thanks for the great support.

This is exactly why I prefer the LeakSmart. The ball valve is part of the unit.

The only reason I had to add a new valve was because my existing system used gate valves. I used a SharkBite valve which made installation a breeze. Even factoring in the $15 ball valve this was still cheaper and easier to install than the LeakSmart…

I’m not going to argue price or opinions on ease of install. However $60 for LeakSmart + $12 for 2 3/4"NPT SharkBites is still well under your $100 target and with internal valve it is one less point of failure

This is a double edged sword. If Leaksmart goes bad you have to replumb, where once a ball valve is in place you just swap the actuator. Also - if you had a ball valve in place an actuating motor like the Dome unit is an obvious choice.

Different strokes for different folks.

Where can you buy a LeakSmart for $60? Everywhere I look is over $100. I’d expect the electronics or the motor to fail before the valve does, so I’d rather just be able to add a new actuator rather than having to replace the entire valve.

That said, if I had seen a LeakSmart for $60 I probably would have bought it.

Got mine at Lowe’s …

BetaBound is actually ( or was last week ) looking for LeakSmart Beta testers ( free valve). I posted the link in deals thread.

Well hey, for $60 that’s a steal! Of course with all of these automatic water valves, if it saves you from one leaking pipe, it’s worth every penny.

I received an alert from SmartThings the other day when I was at work, and at first all I could see of the notification was “Kitchen Sink Moisture Sensor…”. I was sweating a bit until I expanded it and saw that it was just a low battery warning. That momentary freak out is what finally made me pull the trigger on buying an automated valve!

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Let’s play nice kids. The beauty of these systems Is that it’s not one size fits all. Each of us make choices and are happy with them. Given my choice of Dome and the subsequent service we are seeing from them in way of a handler, and instruction guide I’m still quite pleased with my decision - even if I paid $40 more. To me - the set up I have is a better set up since I don’t have to cut into pipes again should the D.C. motor fail (and it will eventually on any unit). The decision to plumb the acutiaor in is perfectly valid and appreciate the vigor in which it’s being supported. Neither decision is right or wrong. It just is.

As I said different strokes for different folks.

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Looks nice! Similar to how the Zooz and EcoLink work. I’ve seen some feedback on the EcoLink that it sometimes doesn’t close all the way, so hopefully the Dome somehow fixes that. I’m also not sure how well it would work on PEX pipe since it isn’t as stiff as copper.

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@Automated_House Dome Water Main Shut-Off addresses closing issues by adjustable valve handle grip, stronger mount and double clamps to prevent twisting during operation. Dome Vale also have more torque to support bigger ball valves. With any of those products it is critical to align the motor with the ball valve during installation. Refer to this Set-Up Guide for more information. For the PEX pipe - as long as you have ball vale it should be find. Dome Shut-Off mounts right by the connection between PEX pipe and valve where the PEX pipe is very stiff.


Good to know. Can it also be used on a gas valve?

@Automated_House, it can work on any metal quarter-turn valve with the handle, but it should technically NOT be used on gas valves. Our motor makes tiny sparks inside, and for gas applications, you want a motor that either doesn’t make sparks or is completely enclosed.


I do not see the Dome unit having an issue with partially closing valves if it’s installed correctly and the clamps are tight. It’s articulates a full 90 degrees. I did consider pulling the screws on the handle cradle and putting locktite blue on them. Play on the cradle or the clamps could cause partial action of the unit for sure.