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The Smart house sale

Believe you meant The Smartest House :slight_smile:

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Yes,. Great company, same day shipping, Thanks

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Could someone remind me here…: Can this be used as both a siren and a door chime at the same time (not simultaneous but in the same setup) ? :slight_smile:

Yep, definitely.

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But it seems they only have the US version…
Any idea where I can order an EU version…?

You can try not sure if EU.

Thank you for the tip - not clear what version though…

I think they have a chat button.

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Thanks Paul
I have send them an email… :wink:
But know I’m thinking - Is it even made as an EU-version…? :thinking:

I primarily use it for a door chime. Different chimes for the front and back door being opened. It has about a 2-5 second delay.

@fubka And regarding an EU-version…? :grin: