Dome Siren Issues

(Gary) #1

I’ve read thru the posts and when logging onto the it takes me to I can see my hub and all devices attached to it. The Dome Siren comes up as a Dome Siren not a switch on the PC and phone app. But it still does not show me the options (multiple sound options) for the siren on the phone app. I’ve copied and published the siren link multiple times per a video process on YouTube. What’s next step or any ideas?

(Jimmy) #2

when you look at the device in the IDE, what is listed for “Type”?

(Gary) #3


What tab is the IDE located? if it’s under my devices the Dome siren is listed as type: Z-Wave Siren?

(Jimmy) #4

edit the device and change the type to your dome device handler. it will be at the bottom of the list. Also note that when you reply from email it includes your email signature with all of your contact info.

(Gary) #5


Your Awesome - that’s the fix!

(Kevin) #6

Did you have the code installed and published before you joined the device?

If so, it should have automatically assigned it the correct handler so please go to that device’s details page in the IDE and post what’s shown next to Raw Description. That will allow me to compare it against the fingerprint in the handler and see if something changed.