Dome Home Water shut off valve

I just set up my water shut off valve and the hub. Works great. When I go away on vacation in want the water valve on from 8 am to 10 am to allow my garden to water then shut off again. I see a lot about CoRe etc but has anyone figured out an easier way to program this in the app without me having to become a programmer? Thanks for the help.

Does it show up as a switch in smart lighting?

No it does not. Bummer. Thanks tho.

FWIW, if you can follow the instructions that are posted in this forum, the community wiki, or the webcore forum on how to install the smartapp, there’s really no programming skills required to make webcore work for you.

I have absolutely zero coding skills myself. But I have several pistons setup to perform automations that the ST mobile app isn’t capable of doing on its own.

Other people can get way more complicated with their pistons. But in terms of installing the webcore smartapp, and creating a relatively simple piston like the one you’re describing, it’s not difficult at all.

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Forgive me if I’ve missed something, but I have a Dome Water Valve and it is visible and controllable via the Smart Lighting app. I don’t control it that way - using webCoRE instead, but time-based control of the Dome Water Valve does indeed seem possible with the Smart Lighting app.

Yup. Using smart lighting app. You would need two rules:

One that switches valve on at 8am.
Second one that turns off using ‘power allowance’ with 120 minutes.

Are u using the snowflake app or blue circle app?

Use the blue circle (classic) app

It works great straight in app. I can set alerts on vacation to open and close valve. I was hoping to automate it. Trying to learn something new. I think i may be better off with classic app. I appreciate the help very much

Did you add a custom handler for it or just take it out of the box and pair?

i see that the valve should show up on the smart lights option of add a smartapp but it does not. I excluded the device. Selected the handler on one of the threads. published the handler and repaired the device. Seems like the same smartapp and still not seen in the smart lights section.

I have installed webCore and will try and learn how to use it but wondered why the device is not included in the smart lights…hmmm.


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The Dome Water Valve should definitely show up in SmartThings (Classic) Smart Lighting automation app as a device you can control. Since - for whatever reason, it doesn’t in your case, it probably won’t be visible/available in WebCore either. I absolutely love webCoRE, but I highly recommend solving why it’s not available in Smart Lighting before trying webCoRE or anything else.

If you’re using a custom device handler maybe this one doesn’t include the “switch” capability, so that’s why smart lighting can’t see it?

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Good idea. Just for reference, this is the DTH I’m using from @krlaframboise. It is the official DTH for this device and it works very well in my experience. It’s capabilities are:

  • Actuator
  • Sensor
  • Valve
  • Switch
  • Refresh
  • Health Check

Therefore, it will show up in Smart Lighting - at least for the classic SmartThings accounts. (Don’t know about the new one.)

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try my device type here… it works fine ( have a dome as well) and has switch capability