Dome Water Shutoff Valve using a temperature sensor

I have a Dome Water Shutoff valve installed and am using the device handler from the dome website:

It is working well. However, I want to set up an automation that will close the valve if certain temperature sensors get below a certain value, say 50 degrees. I can’t find a way to do that.

Any suggestions?

Check out webcore…

You can create a piston to do what you want. :slight_smile:

OK. I have no idea what a piston is nor how to create one. I was hoping someone had done this before.

I figured out how to create a piston to close the valve when the temp at certain sensors are below a certain value.

This article was great:

In addition to the excellent guidance provided by @jkp that pointed you to webCoRE to handle shutting off of your Dome Water valve if one of your leak sensors detect a leak, here’s a working example of a piston for use with webCoRE. It shuts off my valve if a leak is detected by an of my three of my water sensors (could be as many as you have with slight modification); it notifies my wife and I if it’s activated (i.e., a leak is detected) and it also reminds me to turn the valve off and on weekly to keep it ‘limber’. This part could be completely automated but for various reasons, I have it remind me and then I do the limbering from my phone. Anyway, follow the advice from @jkp and follow the links to start using webCoRE and then solve many, many other things too.(BTW, this ‘piston’ can be directly imported into webCoRE on your PC.)

If, for some reason, you’d rather not use webCoRE for this, feel free to follow this link that shows you how to do a less complex and less capable version using just the SmartLighting app…

Thank you, Leo.

I had the system already set up to close the valve with water sensors. I was looking for a way to automatically close the valve if a temp sensor got below a certain temp, say 50 degrees.

I was able to create a piston to do what I wanted. Brushed off lots of cobwebs from my Fortran days many moons ago to follow the logic in the code.

Thanks again everyone!

Fortran!! Been around for a very long time!

Glad you got it solved.