Doesn't show in My SmartApps

(Karick) #1

Of course, im new, want to add the Weather Station Tile 2.0

i did it by Repository and it’s now under my Device Handlers as Published but it does’nt show in my SmartApps on the mobile app.

Where’s probably my mistake?

(jkp) #2

1- you are logging into IDE at ?
2- you are using the SmartThings Classic app?

Haha never mind, device handlers do not show in Smartapps, only Smartapps do :slight_smile:

You assign device handlers to devices in my devices in IDE.

(Karick) #3

1- yes
2- yes

ok … how i do that? trying to figure it out and can’t

(jkp) #4

Give us more details on what you are trying to install? Link to the device handler?

(Karick) #5

seems rather simple.

did it by repository

but on the app classic, under automation, smartapps, +add a smartapps,+my Apps, its not there

(jkp) #6

In IDE, click on my devices, at the top of the screen click New Device. Fill in the fields as needed, where you see the pull-down menu for type, scroll Through the list and select weather station tile 2.0 (the device handler you installed) and complete all the pull-down fields for hub and location, click create. Your weather tile will show in the devices in the ST app.

(Karick) #7

It was the part i didnt know, Thought it would be a smart apps, but it’s a device :slight_smile:

Thanks so much