Does the new app support multiple items in a device?

I upgraded to the new app, and two things obviously broke:

  1. My customized hunter-douglas platinum app controller, that had an tile for the blind height and another tile for the blind’s vane status, and

  2. My Osram/Sylvania back door button, that had a top button and a bottom button, and you could press either one of them short or long amounts of time for different actions.

This leads me to suggest that the new app only supports one “variable” “state” or “action” for each of the devices? What happened to the different tiles we could have associated with different aspects of the device?

Is there some guideline on what to do if your custom device handler doesn’t work in the new app? Are we supposed to contact Samsung for support, or what?

Thanks for any help!

Contact the developer of the device handler, if it’s not already ST. Custom capabilities/tiles are just now being exposed to developers through ST’s new API/developer platform, and they should be updating their DTH’s.

The new app seems not to show all the switch options, even if they are present. I have that switch, and all the states can be used in the Smart Lighting app.

Thanks @johnconstantelo the problem is I’m the developer, I found some code that someone else wrote but it hadn’t been updated for years and I needed to add some feature. So, now what? I have to sign into the new platform as a developer? The product are window coverings that are 10+ years old and not sold anymore, so no-one else will update the app.

How do I learn about the new API and developer platform?

Yup, you’ll need to start getting the hang of the new developer platform, and/or use the CLI to build your VID for the device and custom capabilities. There’s a long discussion about the CLI here:

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