What smartapp should I use to control mimolite garage door with on/off switch

Hi. I want to control my mimolite garage door with a physical on/off zwave switch. I tried smart lighting but it doesn’t do it. I have the mimolite setup as momentary, maybe that’s why.
Any ideas

Hi @Mpovolo,

I just tried this with my mimolite (it’s momentary too) and got it working, but I am using my own device type. Mind if I ask a few questions?

When you created the smart lighting automation, were you able to:

  • select the mimolite when it asked “which lights do you want to control”?

  • and then selected “turn on” when asked “what do you want to do”?

  • and then for “select trigger”, you picked “switch” and then your switch?

  • and then for “turn on lights when”, you selected “turned on”?

  • and finally, for “turn off as well”, you moved the slider to the right (turns blue, and is also the default)?

Those are the steps I just went through to get your scenario to work. When ever I turned on the switch, the door opened, and whenever I turned it off, it closed. If that doesn’t work for you, you could try using my device handler if you’d like:


If you need help installing a device handler, be sure to look here:


Yup, that’s exactly what I did, it did allow me to choose the items. Curious how you are using the switch to close and if you use a remote in your car. I would expect that it would end up out of sync, switch is on for garage open, but you closed it with the remote when you leave.


Hi @Mpovolo,

I’m not using a switch, I just tried to replicate your scenario. I primarily use the traditional opener in my car and a wall button in the garage, which both are still just momentary.

I’d imagine that if the door was opened via turning on a switch, and then you closed the door via another method that nothing would happen with the door when turning off the switch.

To test, I set the smart lighting app up again, and validated what I described above. When the door was opened with the switch, and then closed with my remote, turning off the switch did nothing but got back in sync after that. Again, I’m using my own device type.

So I confirmed that using an on/off switch doesn’t work. Using a button remote though like minimote works. For some reason using the ST device type for mimolite won’t work with regular switches.

Hi @Mpovolo, That’s what I thought would happen. The difference between ST’s and my device handler (besides the look) are just a few capabilities and sections of code that do a little more than ST’s (as in what you’re trying to do).

Great. Will try your code today. Thanks

Confirmed your code works for switches. Only painful thing is a 3-5 second delay before the door starts to open.

Thanks for the code.

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