Time Based Triggers for Garage?

(Jeepguy 1980) #1

I’m relatively new to Smartthings. I haven’t used it much, as I’ve only been running a Schlage door lock with it so far.

Today I installed a Fortrezz MIMOlite and ECOLINK Z-Wave Garage Door Tilt Sensor. I have installed both on my garage. The MIMOlite is configured as a momentary relay to open/close the garage, and the sensor provides an open closed status. Both devices are registered and working fine with Smartthings.

I would like Smartthings to check my garage at night, say after 9:00 pm. If the garage is open, Smartthings should close the garage. Is there any included functionality that would make this happen?

(Todd Wackford) #2

Should be pretty easy to edit the “once a day” app to do what you’re wanting. Give it a try and let us know if you need help.


(Jeepguy 1980) #3

Thanks for the recommendation. I just checked out “Once a Day.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to have a conditional operation mode, meaning that it will not check the status of my garage before opening.

Because my garage door opener is just a “dumb” momentary relay, it’s the same command for both open and close. I’d hate to have the app open my garage every night.

(Todd Wackford) #4

Have it check the state of the tilt sensor then fire close command if open.

(Jeepguy 1980) #5

That doesn’t appear to be an option in “Once a Day.”