Time Based Triggers for Garage?

I’m relatively new to Smartthings. I haven’t used it much, as I’ve only been running a Schlage door lock with it so far.

Today I installed a Fortrezz MIMOlite and ECOLINK Z-Wave Garage Door Tilt Sensor. I have installed both on my garage. The MIMOlite is configured as a momentary relay to open/close the garage, and the sensor provides an open closed status. Both devices are registered and working fine with Smartthings.

I would like Smartthings to check my garage at night, say after 9:00 pm. If the garage is open, Smartthings should close the garage. Is there any included functionality that would make this happen?

Should be pretty easy to edit the “once a day” app to do what you’re wanting. Give it a try and let us know if you need help.


Thanks for the recommendation. I just checked out “Once a Day.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to have a conditional operation mode, meaning that it will not check the status of my garage before opening.

Because my garage door opener is just a “dumb” momentary relay, it’s the same command for both open and close. I’d hate to have the app open my garage every night.

Have it check the state of the tilt sensor then fire close command if open.

That doesn’t appear to be an option in “Once a Day.”