Does the Hue Plug show up in the official ST integration?

Recently, Alexa added the ability to use a number of devices connected to a hue bridge as the triggers for an Alexa routine (not a SmartThings routine).

This includes the Hue brand smart plug, as long as it shows up as a “light“ instead of a “switch“ in the Alexa app.

Does anyone know if this device is also available in the smartthings app through the official integration?

Actually, I’m interested in both of the official smartthings integrations: the cloud to cloud version for people who don’t have an Aeotec/SmartThings hub and the LAN version for people who do.


The plug definitely works in my edge driver, and I’m like 90% sure that it would also work in the official integration based on my reading of their code.

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Thanks, that’s good to know. That makes it another candidate as a proxy device for triggering Alexa routines for people for whom the virtual devices are not working well right now, or who just don’t want to go to the trouble of setting one up. :sunglasses:

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