Does SmartWeather Station Tile 2.0 work with new Smartthings App?

I’m using the new Smartthings app, mainly because I just started a few months ago. Have added a lot of thermostats, switches, lights successfully. Now I’m trying to add the SmartWeather Station Tile and I get a cannot connect to device message. I’m pretty sure I’ve added the device handler and device correctly. Before I go insane, thought I had better ask if this will work with new Smartthings App?
Thanks, Steve

It does not work at this point. No custom code works in the new SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app.

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Thanks jkp. Now I’ll have to decide if I start over with SmartThings Classic.

There is no need to start over. Simply download the Classic app and when you login, choose new user and it should detect your Samsung account. You can use both apps at the same time. Any devices you have already added will show in both apps except for Samsung appliances. Samsung appliances only work in the new app. Any Smart Lighting rules will show and wok in both apps. If you have already added Weather Station 2 in IDE, it will show and work in the Classic app. The only other things that do not work between both apps are; Smart Home Monitor, Presence Sensors and Custom Automations.

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Thanks jkp. I’d like to keep it simple and only have one app. But sounds like I could add the Classic app, then delete the new app and save some time for the transition.