Leviton DZ6HD Dimmer - Double and Triple Tap

I recently bought my first Z-Wave device: the Leviton DZ6HD Dimmer. This is a Z-Wave Plus device. I have two questions regarding the dimmer:

  • Does the dimmer support double or triple tap? I cannot find that information anywhere.
  • I would like to buy 3+ of those dimmers and when I double or triple tap one of them, I would like all the dimmer to turn on. In other words, I would like to link the dimmers. Is it possible?

Thank you!

That model does not support double or triple tap. The ones that do usually mention it prominently in the product description.

At the present time, I’m only aware of two models which will support double or triple tap.

The very newest version of the Z wave plus GE devices. Be aware that there was a previous version with the exact same model number which did not support it. So you need to verify when you buy it that it does what you want. Also, this model is so new that it keeps going out of stock and can be hard to find right now, although I expect that to change over the next few months.

Note that the older GE models that start with a 12 never had double tap.

The newest version that starts with a 14 has double tap, but not triple tap.


The Homeseer switches which have been out for about six months have both double tap and triple tap, so it sounds like that’s what you would be looking for for your particular use case.

Includes double-tap, triple-tap, press & hold event features* to trigger up to 6 different home automation events

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Thank you JD for your response! It is very helpful!

The only reason why I did not buy the Homeseer switch is because I am afraid the white of the dimmer will not match the new faceplate. I am planning to update switches and wallplates. By any chance, have you experimented with dimmers + wall plates colors?

Finally, if I was to buy the Homeseer Dimmer, would I be able to turn on one or many other dimmer when I double or triple tap?

Thank you!

The Homeseer comes in white, and there’s an Almond cover plate kit you can get for it. I think that’s the only color option for that device.

Finally, if I was to buy the Homeseer Dimmer, would I be able to turn on one or many other dimmer when I double or triple tap?

Definitely, that’s a common use for that device. See the video on the project page: