Does IFTTT works with the Smartthings Edge Platform

IFTTT send me this message to my question about working or not with ST Edge.
Does anyone have some more information about it. Thanks.

"Thanks for your message!

Currently, Smartthings’ Edge does not work with IFTTT. However, we highly recommend reaching out directly to the SmartThings team to suggest that they add SmartEdge. The SmartThings team built and maintains the SmartThings service on IFTTT, they have full control over the triggers, queries, and actions available to users, and if they see a demand for it, they might consider adding it.
Let me know if there’s anything else we can help with from our side.
Heidi from IFTTT"

Wow, sorry, but that’s just a very inaccurate answer. Not to mention there’s no such thing as “SmartEdge.” That looks like a canned script, where they just went through and changed the brand-name to smartthings. :thinking:

The short answer is that smartthings is in the middle of a major transition from one architecture to another.

There used to be a smartthings channel on Ifttt for the old architecture, but last time I checked no longer worked for new customers. It has been renamed to “SmartThings (legacy).”

IFTTT (not SmartThings) has been working on a new channel that will work with the new architecture. It was initially released in January, but had some glitches so they pulled it again. I’m not sure if it’s available yet or not, but see the following thread:

SmartThings and IFTTT not linking DO NOT UNLINK!


I have successfully linked ST in IFTTT and created applets that control my ST devices using the new integration.


Thanks a lot for your information.
Meantime IFTTT ( I think…) made some changes and I can now access with my IFTTT pro account ( “just” :pensive:for $3.99 /month ) and link the ST account already with all my devices working with the edge drivers. I (re)create a applet with a vSwitch edge to run a scene of my SmartLife account and it works fine.

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You can run your SmartLife scenes directly from SmartThings with no need for IFTTT. They will run quicker and it is free.

If you run the Tuya integration under “add by brands” it will pull your SmartLife scenes and possibly some SmartLife devices into SmartThings. Don’t use the SmartLife integration, as the Tuya integration seems to work better. You can continue to use the SmartLife app with the Tuya integration.

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