IFTTT not integrating with devices using Edge driver

I use IFTTT to call my phone when a leak sensor detects moisture. I recently removed my leak sensors and then re-added them using a new Edge driver. The leak sensors are working fine within ST. But, IFTTT no longer recognizes the leak sensors using the new Edge drivers. IFTTT does still recognize the leak sensors not using Edge. Anyone have any thoughts on this—how do I get IFTTT to “see” the sensors using the Edge drivers?

Ifttt had said publicly that they are working on an integration for the new smartthings architecture, but I don’t think it’s finished yet. You should contact their support to get a timeline if they have one. :thinking:

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I wonder if it’s certain Edge drivers?

The reason i ask is because i have an IFTTT routine that does work with a virtual motion sensor created by TAustin’s Virtual Edge Creator driver.

When i go into settings | Linked Services | IFTTT
I can select many different devices that are on Edge drivers.


IFTTT works with Edge contact sensors and switches for me.

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I wonder if it’s specifically the leak sensor. Or specifically that edge driver. :thinking:

None of my DTH or Edge based leak sensor devices show up in IFTTT when creating a “Moisture Detected” trigger.

Looks like some capabilities aren’t mapping to the IFTTT triggers.

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Actually I take that back.

I went in and reconnected IFTTT to smartthings and had to re-select some of the leak sensors. Both DTH and Edge based devices are selectable on the auth list and appear for “Moisture Detected” comparisons.


  • Profile
  • My Services
  • SmartThings
  • Gear icon on top right (in android, IOS may be different)
  • Reconnect

IFTTT will request for authorization, choose a location, pick your devices. Edge leak sensors worked just fine.

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I created a virtual water sensor from TAustin’s driver, went into the IFTTT Linked Services in the ST app and added it as a water sensor

And it shows up in IFTTT

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I’m able to do this with the Edge leak sensors too now. Maybe from my ST side it got out of sync. Now the ST app->Linked Services->IFTTT list and the IFTTT app->Profile->My Services->SmartThings list are 1:1 and the devices work as expected. :man_shrugging:


Maybe they need to be re-added to IFTTT pick up the new architecture?

Sounds like it.

I know in my day job as an app/server admin, we have to link/unlink/restart to get some changes picked up since the apps don’t poll the config files for changes.

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