Does Anyone Still Use SmartThings?

This thread is childish. I still use SmartThings and it works for me. Let’s solve problems here and give and receive advice and help. Everything else is hot air accomplishing nothing.


I’ll have to disagree - if it saves one potential customer from having to rip out their hair as result of $#!% that ST is putting out as production-level product and/or service, then it accomplishes something.

the fact that ST is working well/great/perfect for some is nice. When it works that well and reliably for all, then threads like this would be useless, but ST has a long way to go until such a time.

for those who don’t like reading anything negative, please move on to another topic


I’m not sure how the last few posts save anyone from anything. Negative is fine if it’s productive. I find nothing redeeming here.



I actually find this rather insulting and definitely childish from @bridaus so thanks a ton for sticking up for me (and many others) @jovanm, I appreciate that! If you actually take a look at his posts he’s made you can clearly see what appears to be his “cocky” attitude in that he states his SmartThings always seems to work for him and you know what, good for him, he can go take his annoyance somewhere else as not everyone has a perfect freaking system like he does. This thread is not for talking about how great your system is working for you!

Let’s discuss what this thread is about? A extremely valid complaint about a system that used to work great with a some-what working phone app. As time passed, the system started severely failing (odd case unlike many others) and the phone app got worse and worse and worse. Put in a support ticket, yea poor service there unlike I already knew. Since then, other users with the same issues have joined this thread to vent their frustration over 53 posts so far. Other users have also offered suggestions to help.

For your information @bridaus this thread was posted under “General SmartThings Discussion” which is more than enough justification for it’s creation. It’s not me attempting to clutter issues in the “Devices & Integrations” or “Projects & Stories” categories so by all means WTF is your role here? What are you trying to accomplish, besides pissing people off, and what appears to be absolute trolling on someone (actually many in this thread) who have experienced a ton of frustrations with SmartThings and are joining together to simply talk/discuss them? You come in here and read the last few posts and think you know WTF the whole thread is about?

Bottom line, if you find nothing redeeming here because your stupid system works so great for you then GTFO and stop wasting time posting or having anyone else read your comments as all your accomplishing is trolling and pissing people off.

I think is time for a new category “Bang Head Here!”…

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Would you please let me know how you did that. If I knew how, I would have done it a while ago. Thank you in advance for your help.

I think the issue that some people might have with this thread is that instead of taking a proactive approach to solving the issues it seems users are simply posting rhetorical questions and open-ended complaints. That is well within your right to do, however it is not unreasonable for people to point out this fact and ask for a more productive conversation.

I understand that this can be an emotional and frustrating topic but I would ask as a fellow user to please refrain from the pointed attacks and angry/exclusionary comments. At this point it is, at least in my mind, bordering on violating the community guidelines. Beyond that, it does nothing to fix your problems or gain sympathy from people who aren’t experiencing your specific issues.


It’s on the bottom of the last post of every Topic.

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@dfairbro1, look at the very bottom of the discussion, right above the “Suggested Topics” area. You’ll see the Tracking button. Click on it and it will expand to give those options.

FWIW, I’m at 220 devices on hub v2. All working great. Have I had issues, yes; but all in all I’m quite pleased. In fact, I just got back from Lowes with the Automation Kit, so here comes another 5 devices!


@johnconstantelo @tgauchat
Thank you very much, Found it. Apparently I was looking up when I needed to be looking down.:grinning: Thank you again


Be sure to follow my guide for the smart plug! And please let me know if the devicetype I created automatically get’s assigned while pairing the plug, It’s my first zigbee devicetype and I haven’t been able to test it myself.

@blebson Holy cow you were reading my mind just now… I have another tab opened looking for that discussion, thanks!

I agree 100% @blebson! From reading over the guidelines my best approach would have been to simply report there posts for violation of those guidelines which I intended to do so but couldn’t actually find a report button anywhere on their post and so took it into my own hands at that point. If there is a report button, please let me know!

Let me also rephrase the posts that are considered violation of the guidelines to me (which won’t be for everyone but if someone gets offended or insulted then it better be considered a violation) which is essentially what brought about a defensive response from me (which some will agree was justifiable) but also considered a violation even if it was in defense…

If your going to flag me, just please remember to also flag the two people (and only two people out of everyone) that brought about my responses as if those two didn’t waste anyone’s time to join the thread with their nonsense it still would’ve continued on as a thread for users to just discuss their frustrations and issues. However at this point, they won, the two people who have fantastic working SmartThings hubs. Just disgusting but at this point it’s hard to continue this thread into anything more meaningful.

I haven’t reported any posts, nor was I planning to. Just wanted to give a friendly reminder and try to cool the discussion a bit.

If you find posts that you feel violate the community guidelines then you can click the flag icon at the bottom of the post (only useable for users with ‘Basic’ trust level or above).

Ahhh thank you! So that’s what is meant by the tooltip when you hover over that flag icon aka “privately flag this post for attention” haha! I thought it was for notifications or something along that line to keep it in your “favorite” posts section or something but I guess that’s what the bookmark icon is for after reading it’s tooltip!

Sorry about that!

Gee, Bry, nobody is forcing you to participate in this thread!

But, since you seem inextricably drawn like a fly to excrement , here are some positives from it…

  1. He knows he’s not alone
  2. SmartThing has heightened awareness that there is an ongoing problem
  3. SidJohn was informed that he is not the owner of the internet.
  4. Tim Slagle got involved
  5. He acknowledged a known problem
  6. There have been many more potential problems aired, possibly pointing the dev team at useful beta testers. (Which I don’t mean the current production approach of “ship it and cross fingers”, but more like, “these guys found issues, let’s see if this code fixes it for them before releasing it widely.”
  7. Tim stated that SmartThings reads every post. (I’m not sure I believe it. Tim - would you reply to confirm? :wink: )

I’m not having the problems MX is, and even he chimed in against a bomb thrower in a lawsuit thread, but ST has some growing pains, and this thread is the best I’ve seen at exposing them.

One of the growing pains, by the way, is defensive fan boys. It happens every where. If you see any, kindly point them at this thread, but make sure they know it’s an optional read, okay? :laughing:


I just wanted to say thank you @NWTony!


Closed thread. This conversation is no longer constructive.