Does anyone know or have any insight when the Hub will be available in the Netherlands?

I can´t wait, bring it on, why is this taking so long? :frowning:

in a word… growing pains, well thats 2. Either way, if you really can’t wait there are ways to get a hub into your country from the UK and it will work, probably even pretty well as long as you stick to the z-wave and zigbee devices on the compatibility list. Though waiting in this case is probably a good while some of the kinks like oAuth get ironed out.

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My thoughts excactly, on the waiting… Have thought about it though, but it´s the English electric plug that stopped me… :wink:

Definitely wait - You’re lucky that you guys aren’t being used as a field beta test.

Figured I’d up an older topic instead of creating a new one. I’m very much looking forward to SmartThings coming to the Netherlands too. Unfortunately it was announced that we’ll have to wait until Q2 for it to arrive here. I don’t really have that much patience.
I’m currently looking on getting the hub from the UK and just get some Z-Wave devices here. Especially given all the problems I read about with the devices in the starterkit this seems the best way forward anyways. For now I’ll be mainly using to experiment and play with as I’m renting my house so I can’t setup everything the way I really want to (smartswitches and smartoutlets, instead of all that plug-in stuff). I promised myself to wait and see what CES brings and after that I’ll decide.

I have to say it’s a shame that the platform still isn’t working properly. It shouldn’t be as unreliable as it currently is. I have to admit I don’t fully understand why that is either as the tech itself seems pretty straightforward.

Any news or suggestions? I read a lot about “Q2” and “next year” confirmed (2015). However, now it is 2018 so I would love to know more.