Do we know if a TCP update is coming?

(Anthony) #1

Are we closer to an update for this?? I have over 30 TCP bulbs connected to ST’s that I’d really love to use without the known issue!!

(Gilbert Chan) #2

What issue are you referring to? I’ve been using it without much problems.

(Anthony) #3

Using more then 3 bulbs on hello home actions without an issue.

(Jeff) #4

I think he’s referring to the issue where more than 3 bulbs are installed in close proximity (same light switch) and used with ST, there may be unpredictable behavior (not all bulbs turn on/off)

(Anthony) #5

Yes @JAA that’s exactly the issue!!

(Jeff) #6

@antman2 Dealing with the same issue in our home.

(Anthony) #7

Frustrating to say the least! I have 30 bulbs, but 21 are connected to ST’s and I can’t use them with any Apps in ST"S.


I was told update 11.705 would help with the TCP bulbs? Have you noticed an improvement?

(Matt Fink) #9

Slightly off topic… Do any of your tcp bulbs buzz? All mine do and I think I am sending them back in favor of the ge link bulbs. I have 5 of those and they are great so dar, have more on order to replace the tcp bulbs…


I have 5 tcp connected bulbs, no noise at all… I like them.

(Anthony) #11

Mine don’t buzz… @Dave do you have them hooked up to a dimmer switch??

(Matt Fink) #13

Strange - every single one I have (I have 4 br30s and 3 Edison) all buzz. It’s only really audible if you’re right under the light or very close by, but it’s very noticeable.

(Beckwith) #14

None of mine buzz but I like the GE bulbs better.

(Matt Fink) #15

Yeah - I wonder if I have a bad batch? 2 buzz but I’m sure it’s because of an old dimmer but then the others aren’t on dimmers - and one, which is on the same circuit as 2 others, doesn’t buzz…strange. I’ll hold on to these until the ge ones come in (estimated delivery sometime end of sept) but then they are going back to homedepot!