Do I need a hub for the Tapo P100?

Hi all
I am new to smart things and the community.
I was introduced to the App to read my in-house smart meter and it does a great job, so I purchased a TP- smart socket Tapo P100 and have set it up. I etc a message “connected…”, but nothing on the Home screen, what am I going wrong.

Do I need a Hub for this, is there somewhere to get help with the basic?

Thanks for help

you do not need a hub for the Tapo products. Go to the devices tab and swipe left/right through your rooms to see if you can find it.

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Thanks Jimmy , but I am missing a fundamental. I created a new room and added the smart socket, but now do not see the room.
I guess I need to work on the basic first the add devices.

Thanks for help


while on the Devices tab, tap the house icon in the upper left. This should show a list of rooms below the name of your location.

Make sure you choose ‘Devices’ along the bottom icons. Then there’s an ‘All devices’ choice at the top of the list to the right of the house icon.

Thanks for help, I now see the problem. My existing devices had names of rooms, this seem to confuse Smartthings, or a least me. I have renamed my TP switch and now it is visible and controlled by the App.

Thanks again vic

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