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DLMS and ZigBee Smart Energy Profile (SEP)1.1

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I totally agree getting things right technologywise is important, I am in IT myself.

If it supports 2.4GHz for electrical appliances as well and for IHD devices then the Eagle-200 would also be able to use that. As I said I cannot imagine there being any interest in manufacturers building a unique UK only protocol in to their appliances. However politicians of all parties are totally technology ignorant.

If I get more info from RainForest or others I will pass it on. I am hoping to get a SMETS2 meter later this year, as mentioned I am waiting for my provider to start rolling it out officially.

(John Lockwood) #22

I had a reply in the Pure Planet forums. (Another energy provider.)

See -

This suggests newer model SMETS2 meters will support both frequencies which is good news. The answer makes a lot more sense and would be consistent with using standard Zigbee frequencies which is also good news.


dual band comms

Yes, that makes a lot more sense. :sunglasses:

One very small technical point: In your post to that forum you said that the devices can typically only communicate with one profile.

Zigbee devices can typically only join to one coordinator, but it’s actually very common for them to support multiple profiles as long as they all use the same addressing scheme. But the exact combination varies quite a bit for manufacturer to manufacturer and even model to model

For example, the Phillips hue bridge V2 can work with ZLL (zigbee light link), zigbee green energy (Hue Tap), and zigbee 3.0. But not ZHA ( Zigbee home automation) or zigbee smart energy.

The smartthings V2 hub can work with ZHA And some zigbee pro devices. And since per the specifications, all ZLL devices should fall back to a ZHA profile when joined to a ZHA coordinator, The smartthings V2 hub can also work with most ZLL devices as long as they don’t require touchlink commissioning. But it does not work with zigbee green energy or zigbee smart energy.

The smartthings V3 hub can work with ZHA and zigbee 3.0. And ZLL in the same way that the ZHA does. It may be able to pick up some zigbee green energy devices using the zigbee 3.0 profile. But still no SE.

So it does get both very technically complicated and very confusing, which to be honest was the whole reason for the push to zigbee 3.0 to begin with. :sunglasses: