DIY Zigbee Outdoor Multi-Plug

I wanted to replace my outdoor Tuya-based dual-outlet (which could not be flashed with Tasmota) with a ZigBee version to take it off the cloud. Unfortunately,

  1. Multi-outlet exterior ZigBee devices do not yet exist apparently
  2. A single-outlet version is $45 at Home Depot

I decided to make my own triple-outlet version:

  1. Triple-outlet exterior cord ($19)
  2. 3-gang ZigBee relay controller ($16)
  3. 4-way IP68 junction box (Item #1005001417811676 on AliExpress) ($9)
  • Cut the splitter
  • Wire relay controller

Exactly what I needed for $44.

Something to keep in mind: Relays default to ON when power is restored after a power failure.



on pairing, does this get recognized with default multi-channel device type ?

Yes it does. In the case of HomeAssistant, it is recognized as three light entities.

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