Experience with Smartenit ZBRE-U?

Does anyone have experience with the Smartenit ZBRE-U Model # 2012A USB Zigbee HA Range Extender? Does it work? Is it reliable? how does it compare to the Ikea Trådri Repeater?

What are the exact dimensions of the ZBRE-U?

Most of the time you don’t need a single use dedicated repeater for current generation devices. Most mains powered devices like in-line relays, light switches, plug-in pocket sockets, even lightbulbs will make good repeaters.

In any case, I would choose a repeater of the newest generation, which would leave out the smartenit device. So I would be looking for a zigbee 3.0 repeater, not ZHA. :sunglasses: The Ikea Tradfri pocketsockets are a good choice, and cost less than $12 when purchased directly from IKEA.

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Sigh I have specific reasons. :slight_smile:

I am trying to repeat a Zigbee signal at an outdoor lamp post. We are using Sengled Multicolor A19 bulbs which do not repeat the signal. This is not a Philips Hue site because we want 90 CRI and Philips Hue does not make 90 CRI products. :man_facepalming:

Because it is an outdoor environment, the repeater has to be protected from the elements. I have been unable to find a 1-gang J-box that is designed to adhere to a 3" diameter lamp post; apparently they do not exist. Therefore, that eliminates 1-gang Decora Zigbee repeater wall outlets. Even if I crammed in the repeater device in the lamp pole, the signal would probably be quite attenuated and not serve much of a functional purpose.

I found this one product on the market, Solus SCO-930BK 120V Grounded Convenience Outlet with Rain Shield, which will do the job. However there is no way that it can fit a Zigbee smart outlet of any size. It can, however, fit an Apple MD810LL/A 5W USB Power Adapter plus a very small USB device. Hence, I need to find that USB device!

Here are some helpful pictures:

IMG_3899 IMG_3900 IMG_3903 IMG_3921 IMG_3922

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I see. I need to think about that.

Meanwhile, what about a zigbee ZHA or 3.0 microswitch that you could wire in line? I’m pretty sure gledopto makes one, which would be my brand preference or Sonoff, but here’s the type of device I’m talking about.

9.28 × 4.22 × 2.36cm

Here’s the Sonoff zigbee model:

  • Product Dimensions: 91-43-25(mm);


Two questions:
Does it function as a Zigbee repeater? (It doesn’t say so. That is the most important part. The light bulbs are already smart.)

Where exactly would it be located in order to be more-or-less code compliant? I would think that it has to be outside of a junction box area. The SCO-930BK has a rain-protected area inside the cover where electronics can fit hanging off the NEMA 5-15R outlet.

Codes vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, you will need to check with your local township or an electrical contractors. They are often adjusted because of local climate conditions. In many parts of the US you are OK if you put the device inside a weatherproofed project box, but in other places that would not be acceptable.

As for repeaters, the Sonoff that I linked to above has been confirmed to work as a repeater.


There are a number of people over on the hubitat forums using it as a zigbee repeater if you want to talk to someone who actually has one: