Displaying Notifications in outside services

So, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to take push notifications I get on my iPhone to other places. Most notably, I just bought a Tesla Model S, and I would love to have notifications displayed on that giant screen! I would also love to have notifications pop up in my Chrome browser via PushBullet.

Most of my push notifications are configured via CoRE pistons, but I do have some others configured natively in Smartthings or other SmartApps as needed. There is currently no integration with CoRE and PB, but @ady624 said one day hell look into it.

I don’t think there is a central repository of push notifications stored for your account in ST to do any sort of message forwarding, unless I am mistaken.

Anyone have any brilliant ideas here? I have IFTTT, Echo and a lot of other integrations setup. There is an app called Eve For Tesla which can leverage IFTTT as well.

This would be a trivial integral part of the SmartThings platform if they had implemented Notifications as an abstracted Capability (which could then be handled by any service (PB, email, pushover, SMS, tablet on the wall, …).

Requested this eons ago.

But there is something going on… Reference this thread. It might not lead you to a solution though:

Thanks. I agree this functionality would really expand the system possibilities with external services. I would have to get creative and create a forwarding sms # contact and then use another service from there.

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