Dashboard with Notifications/Messages

I am assuming this is not possible otherwise someone would have done it…It would be great to have the Messages/Notification feed available on a Web Based dashboard. It would be great to have this dashboard up on my screen at work or in my car as opposed to having to check my phone or watch for notifications.

Does anyone know if this is even possible? My guess is no, since I believe messages aren’t centrally accessible, but I could be wrong.

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Wouldn’t Pushbullet do it for you?

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The problem is pushbullet only works for certain devices and I would then have to setup all new notifications. Most of my notifications are configured in CoRE or natively in ST.

Notifications are on the feature request list for ActionTiles; but one thing holding us back is that SmartThings doesn’t have a hook into their built in “push()” method (nor SHM notifications…).

So… If a bunch of major Apps (CoRE, etc.) can on a specification & API with us, then there’s some major potential here!

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BTW: I suggest that this below is a good starting point!