Can a virtual tile use another device's state to display?

I searched the forums, and didn’t quite find what I was trying to do; so I apologize if this is known or if there’s a thread on this already. I swear I thought I read something a while back on how to do this, so please point me in the right direction.

I have several devices that have multiple states that can be selected for the main tile, like my Philio sensors (even the SmartSense Multi’s) that have open/close, temp, and lux capabilities. Right now I’m using the open/close state for the main tile, but I’d like to also show temp and for it to update when it changes on another tile.

Is that possible?

As far as I know, you need a SmartApp that will mediate all the devices into one composite.

If there is another way, I would like to know too.

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Yes. You can make a device type that displays data from another device state or attribute.


Any chance you could lead us to an example of this / where this would be documented / forum discussion?

Thanks in advance…

I created some smartapps that can handle temperature and humidity. The way it works is you create a virtual sensor then use the smartapp to populate it’s data from another sensor. I am using it to average the temperature and humidity from multiple sensors, but if you only select one source sensor, it will mirror the readings to the virtual sensor.

Check out for an example of what I did.


Thanks, this is what I was looking for to get started.

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Thanks for the awesome code and addressing the want to look at several data points from multi sensors! Unfortunately, my virtual tile does not mirror the source data. Doh!

I followed the directions and was able to:

  1. Create new smart app
  2. Create a virtual temp tile
  3. Install smart app in mobile app (iOS)
  4. In the Average Temp App, was able to target the newly created temp tile and select the source sensor (my aeon multi sensor)
  5. Assign a name (dining room temp sensor)

But unfortunately, during the Smart app simulation section, it properly shows the source temperature, but under the target temp tile, it shows nothing. Also in the Mobile app (iOS) it comes up with “–” when viewing the newly created virtual tile.

Any assistance for troubleshooting this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Update: I was able to get the temp mirroring to work. Not sure what I did, maybe the newest data entry populated to the newly created tile. I’m currently waiting on the humidity sensor to send information and hopefully that will populate the new virtual humidity sensor as well!

Update: the tile integration ended up working. I just had to wait for data to run through the systems. The temp and humidity tiles are working great!