Display Aeotec Multisensor Temp in Favourites?

Sorry for what should be something so simple it shouldn’t need asking. I have a few Aeotec multisensor devices and have routines based on motion working. But how do I display their temperature on a tile in favourites? At this point I only see motion status.

I’ve spent like 4 hours thus far. My suspicion is ST is so “smart” that it cannot do it natively. It appears I need a virtual edge driver. I installed the virtual controller and have added virtual temp sensor. But I can’t work out how to select which real sensor the virtual should mimic - so its just stuck on 20C.

Within the sensor itself I can’t see any method to push temperature information out either.

There are several different community-created virtual device edge drivers, and they all have somewhat different features and controls, so you should ask that specific question in the author thread for the edge driver that you are using.

Sharptools dashboard allows display of temperature on tiles (I have Aeotec multi sensor 6 and Smartthings motion sensors all displaying temperature)

You can use Rules API to display temperature on virtual temperature tile.
(MQTT device is also virtual temperature measurement device)

You cannot do this, Smartthings has no way of selecting what you need on the tile, it is a much requested and wanted option but Smartthings ignore user requests

You cannot do this easily within the app, Smartthings has no device capability mirror, a much wanted and requested option but ignored by Smartthings, there is a switch mirror option in Smartlighting but it only mirrors on off

As the guys above have pointed out, your only way is to use rules api and or other coding hardware techniques

Hi @Dave18

If you want to use the Z-Wave Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc driver then you have the option in settings menu to create a virtual thermostat device that you can use with a simple tile and it will show you the temperature on the tile and can move to favorites if you want.
If you leave thermostat mode off, only run the temperature update code when emitted by the main device

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