Dismiss smart home monitor quickly Or have it not trigger at all

Is there anyway to dismiss a smart home monitor trigger from an iPhone widget or some other method than the normal one? It seems like it takes too long to click through all of the screens to dismiss a smart home monitor trigger. Backstory: my smart home monitor turns on at 11 pm automatically to secure night mode, some times, we have to take the dog out late at night which triggers the smart home monitor as the door gets opened. Is there anyway to stop this from happening since this is the root of the problem (I prefer not to use webcore but am open to any other solutions)- Thank you all!!

Don’t think so but you could automate turning on/off the Alarm after a certain time. I solved it like this.

I also have a button by one of the doors that arms the system or executes my Good Night routine.

Dang autocorrect.-- change “not to use website” to “not to use webcore”

Not using webcore with SmartThings is like owning a boat in the desert… lol


Bahahahahah. I’m getting that since sometimes

I set up a Virtual Switch called Loophole. I then set up a Routine to disarm SHM when I turn it on, Smart Lighting to turn the switch off after a specified amount of time (5 minutes in my case), and another Routine set up to rearm SHM when Loophole turns off.

Since I only use it in Night mode, the setup I have doesn’t worry about what mode you were in before or anything. Anywho, just an option if you don’t want to use webCoRE.

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