Dishes Done?

Please forgive me if this has been asked, I did do a search and couldn’t find a match for my question.
Objective: Have the dishes been washed?
I would like to know if the dishwasher door has changed positions from Vertical to Horizonal for more than 1 minute.
Device: Using the Smartthings Multi which seems to give position information is it possible to set a range for first position and second position those being Vertical (Closed) and Horzontal (Open) and if in the range of either of these send message or notification?

For example first position is defined as CLOSED (Range is 1020-1050) second position is OPEN (Range is 55 - 60)

Also, I don’t know how to write code but can follow directions and improvise if need be.
The Garage Door monitor seemed like it would be close but it uses the magnetic proximity and I’m looking for position.


Instead of using rotation you might want to consider vibration. A good place to start is the Laundry Monitor app template available in just a few tweaks and it should work for you. In my head you only have a few states to track Cleaning = vibration detected, Clean = vibration stopped after it was detected, Ready = Door opened/closed.


Thanks, I loaded that App but it’s hard to make the correlation to the modes you state and what the app expects.
Do I need to make code changes?

Yes, tweaks = codes changes, but in its current state it should be able to to send you a notification then a load of dishes are done.

Would it be more simple to use the Ecolink Tilt device which simply shows an “open/closed”?

Works for my garage door, and is cheap.

What changes would you suggest?
Willing to try it out.

Simple o/c sensor wouldn’t work, since somebody could just as easily close it with dirty dishes and not run it. I would think a multi-sensor with vibration and temperature would work better. I don’t know about yours, but every dishwasher I’ve ever had got pretty warm even if it is set on energysaver no heated dry .
I’m sure somebody smarted than myself has a way to have it trigger a notice on temperature and then reset once it has been opened. Again that doesn’t eliminate the human issue though.

This is what led me to believe a simple O/C sensor would work, but I do agree that multi-sensor would be better.

Are there ANY SmartApps that pick up on the Vibration, Temp and most importantly POSITION. If an app was written for just the Postion and you could enter two values for each STATE then this would work for LOTS of things.
For instance: Garage Door partial open or closed if the value is within range A then Closed if within range B then Open.

Just my lame view on this. Which I knew how to write code !!!

You should be able to avoid most tweaks if you go with an Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch (DSC06106) and use the laundry monitor code that looks at the power usage from @bmmiller

This is what I use for my washing machine but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work with a dishwasher. You just have to run the dishwasher once with it installed to figure out what the minimum power usage is, and set the app accordingly.

This would be great if I didn’t have 100 other things that turn on and off during the day.
Unless I’m not understanding how it works? I have Furnace/AC, HotTub, TV’s, etc going on and off.
If the app is looking for a BASELINE wattage and my Furnace turns off then wouldn’t he App think the Dishes are done?

Please correct me if I’m wrong, just trying to learn here.

The device that I mentioned is basically just an outlet which measures power usage.

You add it to ST, plug your dishwasher into that and go check out the logs. Chances are that when the dishwasher is off the drain is 0W, but you never know… lots of “vampire” devices out there use a watt or two here and there, so it might be something like 4W or something.

Then you install the laundry monitor app – the one from Miller, not the one from ST – and you configure it with a minimum wattage. When the wattage goes over that value the app marks it as “cycle started” and when it goes back below that value the app knows the cycle ended and fires up the notification / text message.

Piece of cake.


Hey! Thanks for advertisement! :smiley: Just to help out the cause I’d like to point out that you also have to use a custom device type as I don’t think SmartThings has officially incorporated it into their code base (I could be wrong, I haven’t added a new DSC06106 in over a year). The custom device type is here:

And the app that @viguera mentioned is here:

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I don’t believe you need the custom device type with V2 (or maybe a cloud update fixed it?) anymore (at least that has been my experience).

I have a couple of them and they’re listed in the IDE as “Z-Wave Metering Switch” which I believe is the ST default.

I don’t have the custom device type, although IIRC there are a couple out there which are better since they have polling and you can disable the switch portion so you can’t turn them off by accident.

Disabling the switch is one very good reason to get a custom device type, but now local control wins over that need for me. I don’t think anyone in the family will want to turn the washer off in the middle of a cycle, and if they do they’ll learn. I do wish you could hide devices and routines in the interface. Some things I only want to access programmatically.


I have a huge house and needed 4 extenders and they’re just sitting there like “look at me!!!”

I can group them all in a room or something but they would still show up in some of the screens.

It’s the accidental shutoffs that I appreciate the device type for, specifically, accidentally hitting off within SmartThings is very easy to do.

Also, very important. I cannot stress enough how much better the device type I linked is for this device. I know some prefer not to tinker, but in this case, it is just better. Same rule still holds true though for your individual uses, if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it.

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I despise polling. Everything should be event based. Polling is so 20th century. Why do we have to poll anything? Sigh, nano-rant over. I still poll some devices.

Agreed… but you see how these things behave. If you don’t poll them, they don’t tell you anything, so that’s that… :smile: