Discussion of ordering and fulfillment for the V2 hub and the new sensors

It happened to me with Amazon for the Aeon/Aeotec doorbell. Same scenario. Finally I had to cancel the order.

I’m not sure they ‘owe’ the community this information. Perhaps they don’t have it. If they’re working with Amazon on sorting it out, they may not have anything more to tell. I wouldn’t get too excited over ST shipping their pre-orders anyway; my order on the 17th changed status to Ready yesterday but as far as I can tell hasn’t shipped. If we’re still shipping day 1 orders several days after shipping began, it could be a while for everyone. Or maybe they’re shipping alphabetically. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Hubs will get where they’re going, it’ll all be ok. I’m only going to redo my setup on weekends anyway so if it gets here this week then it’ll be a ‘this weekend’ project, else a ‘next weekend’ project (and hopefully not any further out than that).

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I ordered the discounted bundle for V1 owners from ST on the 18th, status still says “back ordered” ARGH !!!

@Ben I know that you have said countless time that we will need to deal with Amazon about orders placed through them, but Can you confirm that they have they received the amount they requested? Or have they placed orders after the initial pre-order that are still unfilled?

For those that have shipped…how long did your order stay in ready status before you got shipment details? I am anxiously awaiting my shipment info. :frowning:

Just got my v2 hub and two sensors! It shipped day before yesterday, and I ordered it shortly after receiving the email.

FYI, it comes via USPS Priority Mail, not FedEx as noted above.

Are there any tutorials on how to migrate from v1 to v2 short of un-pair everything and re-pair / setup the new hub?

I’ve got about 35 devices so it’s going to be tedious. Extension cord and super long network cable?

Google found it for me before I could find it in the community:

Yep…they sent a link with instructions…

EDIT: so JEALOUS!!! :wink:

Thanks for that! Didn’t find that one either…


Oh my…it’s taken me weeks to perfect my SmartApps. I thought for sure those would at least still be there. I didn’t realize I would have to start from scratch, with some disappearing…

@ffingers When did you order yours? I placed mine on the 17th, and my order is still in the “ready” status.

Unfortunately, my order didn’t connect to my account, so I have no idea what state it’s in. If I’m frustrated, it’s because of the ordering system.

I ordered what I thought was in stock, but it came out as backorder. And I have no way to check on the state.

Mine shipped on the eighth and arrived today at 2 PM

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I’m in the same boat. Somehow it says I ordered as a guest even though I most definitely logged in. If you send an email to support@ they can tell you your status.

Mine is at my house waiting for me to get home. Has been since about 10AM… The last 5 hours have been hard! under 2 hours left then I can play with my hub :smiley:

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got mine. ordered 9/4

=( Amazon ordered 8/17 not arrived - ST shop ordered 9/3 not arrived - Jealous!

Just received an email, and they said it will ship in the next week. I had ordered mine on 9.3. Well, I guess we’ll see.


I am just ancy to start using the new app and I don’t want to start re configuring only to have to redo everything with the new hub.

I would have thought all the ST shop pre-orders would have shipped by now…

Not sure why the guy above who ordered on 9.4 got his before pre-orders. Maybe he is just jerking us around :wink:

Wait…what? How does that work? Did you order through ST?

Reverse alphabetical order.

last in first out (20 characters)