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I didn’t actually think $89 was a great deal for refurb when they were at Sam’s and other places for $99 new back in Nov/Dec then clearanced down to $75.

That’d be a great deal if you can get the $100 rebate from utility company

An FYI for those of you using the Sengled Touch bulb, it runs locally with the GE Link device type. Doesn’t report power with this, but I don’t really see the benefit of that functionality anyway.


Awesome! Thanks! :slight_smile:

OMG these things are heavy, eh? lol

Yes! I put one in a small desk lamp and I’m afraid the slightest touch will knock it over…

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Is this even a smartthings compatible camera?

I was going to use it for a small lamp in my daughters room as a night light. Definitely too heavy for that. It’s now in the living room lamp and a Lightify bulb in her lamp.

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does not seem to be supported officially or even by the community :frowning:

Anyone know of a good camera that integrates with 2 way audio? Need to yell at the dogs when I am not home :stuck_out_tongue:

Works great. Have had it for a few days and no issues just wish there was a lock feature

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Ordered Blink cameras after I saw there Rboy’s thread titled OFFICIAL device handler. Thinking it was a official ST code I bought the cameras.
Was very disappointing when I went to get the code and found out there was a charge ($10 to get access to site and code) and it is not a official ST app.
I think that should be mentioned in the thread. I know there was a lot of work put into it and he should be compensated but let’s be more up front.

Nice of him to get us a 10% off deal if we use his referral link and code


You will find the majority of Rboy’s " official apps" are not ST official but " Rboy official " and yes require you to pay the membership fee to access the " official Rboy repository"


Has anyone ever ordered from this company? I’m always leery of Ebay “companies”.

ecobee ecobee3 Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Remote Sensor $189.99 shipped at Blutek

Blutek (via eBay) has the ecobee3 Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Remote Sensor (2nd Gen,
EB-STATe3-O2) for $189.99 with free shipping.

Depends on the cooper switch… I believe the coopers are a better quality. Also I believe some of the coopers have instant status feedback. All smart switches will be tight installed in multiple gangs. I just saw a post earlier today showing http://homeseer.com/lighting.html these options. I know I will be investing in them as Reliable double and triple presses, and instant feedback is worth the extra money… Trust me! (Of course we will have to wait for someone to provide a device handler)

For the same $10, look for the Hue Lux on sale. TCP work pretty well with their own remote, but even the native app and LAN web interface have constant connection issues. We have about 6 of the bulbs left waiting to be replace with Hues. The TCP connected ST app requires you to login again almost daily to control them through ST.


Thx for the tip. Been using the GE Link bulbs when I can find them for less than $15. They work okay - I have little issue with them other than how slow they are.

Thanks for the reminder. I had forgotten about ordering more of those. in the hassle of getting the Lightify bulbs actually shipped.

Well much to my surprise everything arrived today. Not too surprised it was in 3 separate 12"x12"x12" boxes. 2 PIR in #1 , 2 outlets in #2 and 1 PIR in box #3. Shipped Fedex last night for delivery this morning. I never got shipping notice from Lowe’s. I’ll assume that I will get it this afternoon LOL.

Based on my shipping status, it appears that even though I order the cheap items through the Chelsea Lowes, they are actually using the closest Lowes to send the items. I too received separate boxes, but both origin scans were in cities in which Lowes is located in nearby suburbs.

It looks like you can only get this (http://www.lowes.com/pd_434322-352-BE469NX+V+CAM+716___?productId=4438293&pl=1&Ntt=schlage+connect+camelot) on truck delivery, but why wouldn’t you be able to price match this lets say at home depot?

I’m going to try here soon. I dont see anything on http://www.homedepot.com/c/PM_New_Lower_Price that would prevent this, but maybe im being too optimistic.

Edit: No luck :frowning:

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Schlage Connect lock Lowe’s
Check back tomorrow. Lowe’s did the same thing with the contact sensor when everyone pounced on the 11.18 deal. I was holding off on getting any type of lock but with Renovopower discount I couldn’t pass these up. Got 3. Should have gotten another to cover all entry’s,