[DISCONTINUED] Blink Camera Device Handler/SmartApp

Thanks for this. So far, working great!

I just stumbled across this and was so glad to see someone actually created a blink app for SmartThings. Sorry I’m new to this, but can someone please explain the install to me. Thanks!

Disclaimer: This is NOT the Blink approved SmartApp, but that one isn’t free which is why I created my own. Blink hasn’t made their API specs public so I was unable to implement a lot of the features that are in the paid version.

Hey Kevin, Thanks for the App & Handler! Seems to be working fine and well worth the price :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for creating a free version, doing so solidified my decision to purchase the smartthings hub. I successfully installed the device handler and smart app and now I have control of blink cameras via Echo. Thanks again

What are the steps to disable then re-enable the cameras with SHM

In the options section of the Blink System Connector SmartApp, you can enable “Integrate with Smart Home Monitor”. If that’s enabled, the cameras that are enabled will get armed when SHM is set to “away” and disarmed when it’s set to “stay” or “disarmed”.

At some point I’d like to add the ability to enable and arm specific cameras based on the status of SHM, but I have a few other projects I’m working on right now.

You can already do all of this using the new SmartApp CoRE. The documentation hasn’t been written yet, but if you run into any problems just post what you’re trying to do and someone will be able to help you out.

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Thanks. I just got my Blink cameras yesterday so will be trying this out.

Thanks, also how often does SHM check for location and is the a way to change it or make it better. I purchased the hub specifically to control the blink cameras and only had the hub a few days so not really familiar with the settings yet. Thanks again.

Can you provide some more detail because I’m not sure what you’re asking.

When I leave home, it takes about 15 - 20 min for SMH to arm/away. Is there a way to have it do this sooner or is it phone specific. I set the location for my hub as small as the circle would allow me as well if that makes a difference.

Hello @krlaframboise thank you for creating this DH/SA.
My question is, is there a way to arm/disarm the individual cameras using Routines?
It seems possible, because it appears as “light or switches” under the “Turn On Lights or Switches” in Routines, but my experience is, it arms/disarms ALL the cameras together, even if i just checked one or two from a 3 camera system.

For example, on my Goodnight Routine, i want to arm my living room and kitchen cameras, but not the bedroom. So i have those 2 cameras set to turn on, and not the bedroom. But if the bedroom camera is Enabled, then it arms it as well.

I think the ability to arm / disarm individual camera’s is on @krlaframboise’s list of things to do…

Waiting for this feature as well… for now, i have removed the battery from our bedroom foyer camera and plugged it into a zwave switch/USB adapter combo which only turns on in Away mode, enabling the camera…

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I’m pretty much a newbie with Blink, so I could be confusing terms. I though arming was for the whole system and cameras can be enabled or disabled individually. I’m using @krlaframboise’s DTH and CoRE. CoRE Pistons enable and disable cameras based on various factors - or at least that’s what I think I’m doing. :slight_smile:

In the next version, which I haven’t finished testing, I’ve replaced the “Enable SHM” setting in the SmartApp with a setting for “Armed (stay)” and “Armed (away)” that allow you to choose the cameras to arm for those modes.

I don’t use SHM so I’m thinking of adding one of the options below to the next release of the DTH, but I haven’t decided on which one so let me know what you think.

Option 1:

  • Modify the camera devices so that the Switch Capability enables/disables them instead of Arming/Disarming the system. You’ll still be able to arm the system through the camera by using it’s Tile or using it’s custom command.

  • Create a new DTH for the Sync Module and have its Switch Capability Arm/Disarm the system. It would also provide information like the wifi signal strength and possibly some other information about the individual cameras.

  • This option will make it easier to enable/disable specific cameras using Routines, Smart Lighting, Core, SHM, etc. while the system is already armed.

Option 2:

  • Add a mode option to the camera DTH that allows you to specify which modes to arm the individual cameras.

  • This setting would override the SmartApp setting for SHM.

  • This option will provide an easier way to control the cameras based on location mode.


[RELEASED v1.5] New SHM Integration and New Web Interface

The new version of the SmartApp and device handler supports arming different cameras for SHM Armed(stay) and Armed(away).

Once you’ve upgraded to this version, you have to update the new SHM Settings in the SmartApp because the old settings no longer work.

Dashboard Web Interface

In order to use the Dashboard, you need to enable OAuth in the SmartApp’s Settings.

The dashboard allows you to do all of the things below from within the module app or from any browser:

Main Dashboard Screen:

  • Arm/Disarm the System

  • View all the cameras from a single screen

  • Click a button and have all of the cameras take a new photo for the home screen

  • Refresh the information on all of the cameras

Camera Dashboard Screen:

  • View the camera’s home screen image and details

  • Enable/Disable the Camera

  • Take a new photo for the home screen

  • Refresh camera information

See the first post of this topic for the latest version.


Thanks, Kevin - really looking forward to it. I’ve updated both DTH and the SmartApp, but when I try to enable the dashboard, I get the dreaded Android “An unexpected error occurred” (red banner). This comes from either Enable Dashboard or the backdoor Dashboard Settings -> Enable Dashboard. Just me?

EDIT: logs (though they don’t say much)

40eeea54-8a19-459b-a4e2-3e0f96f29f0d  9:36:04 AM: debug getChildDevices(false), children=3
40eeea54-8a19-459b-a4e2-3e0f96f29f0d  9:35:52 AM: debug getChildDevices(false), children=3
40eeea54-8a19-459b-a4e2-3e0f96f29f0d  9:35:46 AM: debug getChildDevices(false), children=3
40eeea54-8a19-459b-a4e2-3e0f96f29f0d  9:35:29 AM: debug getChildDevices(false), children=3
40eeea54-8a19-459b-a4e2-3e0f96f29f0d  9:33:21 AM: debug Refreshing Garage
40eeea54-8a19-459b-a4e2-3e0f96f29f0d  9:33:21 AM: debug Refreshing Front Door
40eeea54-8a19-459b-a4e2-3e0f96f29f0d  9:33:20 AM: debug Refreshing Family Room
40eeea54-8a19-459b-a4e2-3e0f96f29f0d  9:33:20 AM: debug Refreshing Details of All Cameras
40eeea54-8a19-459b-a4e2-3e0f96f29f0d  9:31:39 AM: debug getChildDevices(false), children=3
40eeea54-8a19-459b-a4e2-3e0f96f29f0d  9:31:30 AM: debug getChildDevices(false), children=3

Did you go into the App Settings through the IDE and enable OAuth?

Doh… No. :sheepish:

In my defense, either out of stupidity or laziness (you pick), I did go to the IDE, but the Locations-SmartApps page and if course couldn’t figure it out, so I deduced you must have meant within the app.

All good now. Really nice feature.

I always get concerned when a new version doesn’t work for the first person that tries it so I’m glad you were able to get it working.

FYI: I just added a Dashboard Security Disclaimer section to the bottom of the first post in this Topic that goes over some things you should be aware of. The suggestions apply to all SmartApps that use SmartThings endpoints, not just mine. (Except SmartTiles, but having to constantly re-login is a hassle so I’ve stopped using it)