Discontinuation of MyQ Connect Community SmartApp

(Steve) #302

Alan, thanks for posting the details! I was just about to embark on the exact same workaround and you saved me some homework.

(Reid Crowe) #303

My system just started working again. Anyone else’s system start working again?


I install a new Chamberlain garage door with the MyQ adapter about 2 months ago. Started using the MyQ Lite SmartApp that day and have had no problems with it working.


I’m not looking for my garage door to auto open/close based on my presence. Given that, are there other added benefits of using this SmartApp rather than the MyQ app to open/close my doors?

I already have a contact sensor on my door so I can already monitor its status from ST.

(Ben W) #306

I use it in rules. Running Good Night it closes the garage door if I left it open, same if the Away routine fires. That is really the only thing I use myQ for. Since you already have a tilt sensor you can set up an alert if you left it open.

(Chris) #307

MyQ Lite has allowed me to open my garage by voice using Echo…just have to tell Alexa to turn on the garage door to open, turn off the garage door to close. I think this might be a recent change, I don’t remember it working before, which was one of my motivations for installing Ask Alexa.

(Mike Prachar) #308

Mine works - just installed the current version of the apps.


To prevent others from opening my door from the outside, I would probably name it “Intruder killing machine” instead of garage door.


I don’t care to automate the doors, what I would like to do is know when the doors are opened and if they are opened during a certain time window to turn on the outdoor lights for a brief amount of time.

(Eric) #312

Edit: @maranhao I realized I didn’t reply directly to you, so I’m adding a mention so you get notified about this comment

Just stick a tilt sensor on the garage doors. The SmartThings Multi Sensor has this capability, though I believe there are cheaper options too.

You can then set rules based on the status of the tilt sensor.

(Its02003) #313

For those that are reporting that things work, are you able to use a version of the code that doesn’t require a tilt sensor? If so, do you have access to the source code so others can use it?

(Jesse Stay) #314

You know, you guys could make up for this by simply re-enabling the garage door device type for the Z-Wave relay and motion sensor combination you used to have on v1. The only reason I bought a myQ was to replace that, and now I’m realizing it doesn’t work either. Getting pretty frustrated with Smartthings right now.

(Eric) #315

The MyQ Lite smartapp works excellently. I’ve been using it for months. You just can’t use this particular version of the smartapp because MyQ blocked it or some such nonsense…


Anyone tried using Google Home to close the door? I assume you can create a simulated switch and tie to the MyQ device, but I’m not exactly sure how it can be done.

(Brian) #317

I can use Alexa to close mine. It integrates with the device created in the MyQ Lite app.


That’s great. Makes me wonder if buying the Google home was a mistake. I could have just gotten a few Dots… Google home also doesn’t control my Sensi thermostat but Alexa can… Might be time to return the Home for several dots.

(Eric) #319

The MyQ device also shows up in Google Home.

(Andrew) #320

I returned my google home and got 2 dots instead (and had $50 more in my pocket). I’m happier with the dot. It seems like it’s more forgiving when I don’t say my light switch name exactly right.
I also like the light ring around the dot better than the google home.
Google home can answer a LOT more questions, but I don’t really need that.


How did you get it to show in Google Home? I cannot find it under either Home Control or Devices. I have the MyQ Gateway.

(Sunny Nijjar) #322


I use the following smart app and it has allowed me to control my garage with Alexa and SmartThings as long as everything is intergrated I don’t know Google home since I don’t have one yet but it should still work since google home and SmartThings have an intergration