Disconnected Devices

(Ronnie Rozier Ii) #1

all of a sudden half (8) of my smartthigs devices are showing disconnected. This seems to happen every few moths. any suggestions ??

(Jimmy) #2

need more details…

(Ronnie Rozier Ii) #3

what would you like to know? it’s not one particular device its several differet kinds. cree lights, smartthings sensors, GE wall switches… it just happened all of a sudden

(Doug) #4

there could be a lot of things going on, did you change anything? add a new router? add a new anything, even if its not a network device, do they reconnect on their own, do they reconnect if you reboot them, do they have to be unpaired and repaired?

(Ronnie Rozier Ii) #5

So far I’m having to unpair and then rejoin them… this is so flustering

(Doug) #6

just for our information what exactly are the 8 devices, and are they all in one area or are they spread out? Do some of the ones not causing trouble reside in between them? Are they a large distance from the hub? If so what are the closest devices that aren’t a problem.

(Tony Fleisher) #7

Notify support so they can at least track it.
Are the devices z wave or zigbee?
Can you still control then when they show offline?
Are these devices still reporting to the hub when you manually actuate them?
Have you tried restarting your hub?

(Jimmy) #8

make and model is a good start. for example, GE make both z-wave and zigbee wall switches. knowing which one will help troubleshoot any z-wave or zigbee issues.