Disable Apps and Triggers

I really don’t know which area in the forum to put this under but I’ll start here.

I’d really like to easily be able to disable quickly some or all rules I have set. For example, I wake up with a migraine headache and don’t want my bedroom lights to turn on at 0630 like they normally do. Or my coffee pot to go off.

Just an idea for a feature for the app. Basically a list of things that go on with an enabled/disabled check box.


You could make a Mode,


Then, when you’re creating behaviors, use the “Only When Modes Is…” to make sure the behavior isn’t enabled for Migraine mode.

At worst, HomeMigraine and NightMigraine should cover you, since if you’re away and have a Migraine your house should not bother you…

If you do that, putting your house into Migraine mode should disabled things for which it’s not enabled.


great idea! thanks @schettj

Yea I made a “No Logic mode” and anything I add to ST I choose do nothing if mode is No Logic Mode or Only do this if mode is: Select everything that applies.:

I wish the cases were a little more standardized there :wink: