Direct-connected app update Device Profile

I am finally getting around to building my custom automation devices, and I have a question around the updating process.

I wasn’t able to find any information on how you are supposed to update the Developer Workspace end of the development lifecycle. Specifically, how do I update the Version number, add Components & Capabilities (especially custom capabilities) to an existing project? I added a new Capability to my project, how do I get it to be reflected in my SmartThings App? Do I need to remove the device and re-add it?

I loved the How to build Direct Connected devices with the SmartThings Platform tutorial! I would love a follow-up one on custom capabilities and on editing and deploying changes to existing projects.

Hi, @joecoolish!

You mean the version that appears for the device profile, right?

Adding capabilities and components shouldn’t be an issue, you just edit the profile and make sure the presentation is updated with the new configuration.
Copy the VID shown below the file in the UI Display tab and use it to query the device presentation in the ST API, you’ll need to use your MNID as mnmn.

Note: If you don’t belong to an organization, you can find your MNID here. Otherwise, it will be shown in the Developer Workspace

Sample of how it looks in the Dev WS:

Thanks for the reply!

With respect to the version update, yes, how do you update the version that appears in the device profile? Is it an attribute to the device profile JSON file?

As for the capability reflecting in the SmartThings app, I didn’t update the deviceConfig.json file. After I updated that, I saw the new capabilities reflected in the ST app.

Is there any additional documentation on the schema of the deviceConfig.json and deviceProfile.json files? I have a guess on what "states" and "actions" are, but I’d love to read the official descriptions.

Yes, there is documentation about device presentations here:

And device profiles:

Also, the SmartThings API reference has information about those fields available for us to use:

For this one, I will check with the team. Just in case, please avoid editing the device profile using the API, it sometimes can cause sync issues, I want to confirm first with the team.

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