Dimmer preset

Anyone know of a trick (such as a SmartApp) that would allow me to dim a lamp to a set value? For example, we use a lamp in my son’s room as a nightlight. We use it at full brightness before bed and want to dim it to about 10 percent at bedtime. I realize the slider under the dimmer properties allows me to do this manually, but I would like a one-touch solution so others in the family, such as my wife and young son, could easily make the adjustment without tinkering in the SmartThings settings.

I checked the SmartApps available through the iOS SmartThings app and did not see anything that offers this functionality. I also searched the forums.

Thank you.

Do you want it to dim to the preset from the wall switch, app toggle or both?

App toggle was my original intent. I have since found that the “Make It So” app does this for me. I use it to establish a preset luminosity for a plug-in lamp dimmer module. For example, I now have an app titled Nightlight that, when pressed in the smartphone software, turns my son’s lamp on at 20 percent luminosity.