Dimmer Question

Fun fun fun, What started out as a simple project is snowballing into never-ending ideas and projects. I’m hoping someone here can point me in the right direction, what I’m looking to do is have my porch lights come on at a set time (lets say dusk) at about 15 to 25% and stay there unless there is motion. Once Motion is detected have them go to 100% and stay at 100% for at least say 2 to 3 minutes after motion has stopped and then return to the original 15 to 25% and then eventually fully shutoff at dawn.

I don’t have my dimmer yet but waiting to see if this can be dome before purchasing.

Thanks in advance,

With webCore you can do that in one routine, but requires to install a custom app. Before I got into webCore I did that with the built in ST lighting app. I had 3 routines. 1 to turn on to full when motion detected, 1 to turn low when motion not detected for a period of time, then one to turn off.


Awhat is webCoRE and how do you install it?

There is a Core (version of app before webCore) section of the forum, but its pretty quiet now. It got so active that it was moved to its own non ST forum at https://community.webcore.co/ but the Core section on the ST forum still has lots of good stuff and people do still respond. Core still works and you can install both Core and webCore but WC is so much more powerful and has a PC UI. There is a wiki that talks about what it is, how to install, and how to use it at https://wiki.webcore.co/