Dimmer options with an existing hard wired dimmer

I have an existing dimmer installed. Are there any options for having a remote option with smartthings?

I know its a tough one, but I am sure this has been asked before, I cant seem to find an answer.

All of my smart in-wall switches that control lights (not outlets in the wall) are dimmers. Just replace your old/non-smart dimmer with a smart dimmer that works with ST.

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Not a lot of info in your post. I’m going to assume your existing dimmer is a wall switch and is standard, dumb dimmer.

If that’s the case, then there’s no way to remotely control it.

You’ll need to replace your existing dimmer with a smart dimmer. There are lots of options. Your choices will be constrained by the country you live in.

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You can’t keep the existing dimmer because it’s almost certainly an analog rotary dial, and networks need a digital communication.

Naran has been promising a “microbot twist“ since 2015, but has yet to bring theirs to market. It’s not an easy problem to solve.

As others have said, your best bet is just to replace the existing switch or if you are in a rental or office building where you are not allowed to change the wiring, then you can get smart bulbs and use a battery powered switch on the wall to control them without having to change the existing switch.

But that’s also why the country you’re in makes a difference, the device selection does vary.

the one I have is a danlers trailing edge push dimmer. Its a strange one but I got it as it was created as a Euro module and goes nicely with my Schneider brush plates.


I know its strange and I fear this might need to change as well because of compatibility even though its not a rotary switch

The following does not look like it would be suitable for you but it is the only solution I have seen which even comes close.

A company called AOne makes a Zigbee dimmer module which can be fitted to the most common type of UK dimmer wall plate. These original dumb dimmers are rotating and push on/off analogue dimmers and look like this…

AOne make a Zigbee module that uses the same face plate but replaces the analogue module with a smart Zigbee module. They do both a bare module and one that includes a face plate as below.

Note: It is likely that their module only fits some faceplates so check with them first or bear in mind you may also need to replace the faceplate. You would also need to ask them if they can use the brushed metal button from an existing brushed metal dimmer.

They have a contact who visits these forums, his handle is @AndyPrice-Aurora

If Andy is reading this it would be helpful to post a list of compatible faceplates for the UK.

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Thank you @jelockwood for your comments and looking into these options for me. Lets see if the contact from Aone picks this up.

I am having some refurbishment done right now so there are options for me to change the faceplates.

Another option I was looking at was Gira faceplates for their modular systems. Fibaro Walli will fit into the 55mm Gira faceplates with ease.

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