Dimmer with physical knobs/buttons (UK)

I’m looking for a wired in smart dimmer switch to replace a normal dimmer switch to control a set of LED bulbs with smartthings.

All I can find are ones with a glass panel and touch buttons. I already have one of these and I’m finding that when I turn the lights off I have to either look at the button to see the colour has changed or wait to check the lights are dimming. With a physical button you know that you’ve pressed it.

What I would like is one with a knob like normal dimmers, or even physical buttons. I have found one from Aurora but at £50 its way too expensive. AOne dimmer

I know I could probably use something like a hue switch and a dimmer module, but I want a proper switch not something stuck onto the wall.

I’m in the UK so it will need to be compatible with UK power.


You aren’t going to find smart dimmers with sliders because they wouldn’t be able to be controlled from the hub. All you’re going to find are rotational or button devices because they are stateless and can be used to adjust the level regardless of their current position.

But you are right, the trend for EU devices recently has been all glass panel dimmers. I too find them frustrating for the same reason you stated. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any cheaper option than the aurora you already linked to.

That said, is that such a high price for a mains powered dimmer? Are you looking at controlling the load or only using this as a controller. You say “control LED lights” but do you mean smart bulbs? Or actually controlling the mains load?

I think the Aurora AOne is the only UK option for now.

Ikea used to have a battery operated rotational dimmer in their Tradfri line, but they’ve discontinued it in favor of a press model. You can still find some on Amazon.co.uk

I can say, the new model is a lot better and can work with ST (not sure if the community driver is still the only one or not). The Tradfri dimmers have a weird twist fast for on/off & twist slow to dim setup that one UK user on the Hubitat forum described as “Very…Sweedish.” And it does seem a little odd to me. The new Symfonisk Controller is a lot nicer.

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The only one I have seen that meets your criteria is the Aone Aurora. It literally uses the same wallplate and rotating dimmer as a normal i.e. dumb dimmer and merely replaces the bit behind.

The next nearest match would be the one from TheDen. However they went bust in December 2019 and even ignoring that their product was not possible to link to Smartthings.

So if you insist on your criteria you will need to save up a little more :slight_smile: and get Aone Aurora. They do a version which includes a wallplate and a version without the wallplate. The later is intended for users who already have a compatible dumb dimmer wallplate. Logically the later should be a little cheaper.

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Thanks for all the suggestions.

Thinking about it, after getting a dimmer module and a separate switch the total is not too far off the £50 for the Aurora.

I have 9 dimmable LED bulbs so its the load that the dimmer will be controlling.

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