[OBSOLETE] "Dim and Dimmer" Smart App

Hey fellow ST’ers,

I wrote this little smart app some time ago, but never shout it out. Apparently, at least a few people found it useful, so here it goes…

“Dim and Dimmer” app allows you creating lighting scenes that can be activated by changing home “mode”. Unlike “Hello, Home” actions, each dimmer level can be set individually for each mode. Also, you don’t need to install multiple apps for each scene. Hope you’ll find it useful.

Available on GitHub: https://github.com/statusbits/smartthings/tree/master/DimAndDimmer.md

Continuing the discussion from Feature Request - Different Dimmer levels for multiple dimmers in a mode change:


@geko if it works on all my hues for a week without fail… Will send you a hue for your bedroom (third one I guess in there). :wink:

Hacked your ST hub you know! :slight_smile:

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@geko, “Dim and DImmer”! I love that name. You started my Friday off with a good laugh!


I was playing with your Dim and Dimmer app and it is awesome!

I have a request for an update (or different version). I want to use it to replace using large quantities of the “Turn on Bright” App. That app allows me to set dimmer levels for a single dimmer without turning on the switch. Then when I turn on the switch, it automatically sets the dimmer to that level. It works great, but I need one per switch, per mode (It becomes an N x N problem).

What I would love to have is an enhancement to Dim and Dimmer that would allow me to set whether or not the light comes on during the mode change, or just changes the dimmer level (like “Turn on Bright”). This would be a really powerful addition. As an alternative a second version that just sets the dimmers without turning them on would be great.

Is this something that can be done?

Sorry, I wish I could help you, but I have absolutely no bandwidth to work on this project at this time. But given it’s an open source, I’m sure someone can pick it up and implement your ideas.


While not specifically written to meet this request, I have an app that could be used as such.
Have a look at auto Dimmer.

Guys, where can this app be found? Thanks!